Freedom of the Press: On State Media and America

“No experiment can be more interesting than that we are now trying, and which we trust will end in establishing the fact, that man may be governed by reason and truth. Our first object should therefore be, to leave open to him all avenues of the truth”.

Thomas Jefferson said that in his second inaugural address, and yet, his statement on the importance of free press and the flow of truth and information couldn’t be further from it’s intentions as it is today. Today our media holds nothing in highest regard than that of partisan preference and bias. Furthermore, one can even suggest that a network like NBC is in fact state run media. For if the parent company GE received government funds under this president which it did, and its CEO Jeffrey Immelt sits on a panel and advises our president, which he does, then the conclusions are as clear as the accusations and equally as dangerous to our democracy.

We must remember that our press and our right to free speech and expression are the most essential weapons against any forms of usurpation and incremental tyranny that may threaten our republic. But it doesn’t serve the purpose of liberty and truth when the media is devoid of both. The role of the media is to present news as it is on the ground, and not how the reporter or journalist thinks or chooses it to be. When you have a situation where truth is no longer the foundation of a report, you give way to skepticism and cynicism among the people. In which time a clear threat may be in our midst, but one would not believe the press whose very duty, not just their job is to expose such a threat to this nation.

For all we know Barack Obama could have been the next Fidel Castro, but we wouldn’t have seen it coming because the press threw in with his political campaign. NBC sold DVD’s on the election, they sell Obama merchandise at their store. And all throughout the campaign both the Democratic Primary and the general we were presented a false narrative of the man in office today.

And so when the American people stand up and protest his health care plan the media reacts in disarray and shock because we were told to like this young African American junior Senator with the winning smile, great American story and beautiful family. That alone should have convinced us, and for some voters it did, but now in our moment of awakening the media is annoyed by this act because we were supposed to like him, after all, they were in love with him.

So what should we do so to hold our media accountable? First off we should stop listening, although that has already happened in regards to the NBC networks, still they’ve pushed every chip to the center of the table and are fully invested in this administration’s outcome. But such a fate awaits a media controlled by the government, not one given protection by the constitution, but orders, and an agenda to promote. And then there’s ABC, who held a town hall from the White House on the issue of health care, during which they denied opposing organizations the ad space to run their ads opposing Barack Obama’s health care agenda. Now, I’m not going to sit here and compare bias between the networks, because any bias, whether it’s NBC’s liberal bias or Fox News’ conservative leanings, bias of any sort, in any amount is intolerable.

Lest we forget, the most oppressed nations of people were those who could not speak, for their voices were silenced by a lack of free press to speak to them, and for them.