Creigh Deeds(H-VA): The Hypocrat Candidate for Governor

First of all, who in god’s good name is Creigh Deeds? I’ve never heard of a man with a last name as his first, and an act kindness for a last name. But in any event, Mr. Deeds and his leftist allies in Virginia take a play out of the old Democrat strategy guide and now they’re trying to halt GOP candidate Bob McDonnell by using McDonnell’s words against him. But this isn’t about McDonnell because quite frankly the way things are for Democrats these days, Ronald McDonald could run against Creigh Deeds and would probably be leading him in the polls in the great commonwealth.

No my red faithful this is about the media and the Democrat Party attacking  conservatism. Mr. Deeds and his people are trying to paint Bob McDonnell as an out of the mainstream zealot whose principles are alien because they know full well their modern liberalism is on the decline as Barack Obama continues to sink in the polls.

Creigh Deeds doesn’t want to talk about the deficit, or the 9% unemployment rate, no he wants to talk about a college thesis paper Bob McDonnell wrote in the eighties. But while we’re on the subject of why words matter, let’s talk about the leader of this Democrat Party. I mean, Deval Patrick said words matter, Creigh Deeds says words matter, and Obama himself said words matter, so let’s talk about it shall we?

“I think when we spread the wealth around it’s good for everybody.” “I happen to be a proponent of a single payer health care system.”-Barack Obama

Remember that? I mean after all if a college paper written 20 years ago matters in a governor’s race in 2010, then surely Barack Obama’s words six years ago on why he supports a single payer health care system and how we could eliminate private insurance in 10-15 years matters right? But of course, when you’re Creigh Deeds and you’re getting your a$$ handed to you by your opponent, staying on message, why resort to say I don’t know, a plausible and accessible counter solution to the one Mr. McDonnell is proposing.? Such an act well, would require integrity and a sense of reality. Democrats like this Mr. Deeds lack all of the above.

When Sean Parnell runs for reelection in Alaska next year Democrats are going to run against the Palin persona, not her record or even Mr. Parnell, who is actually running for governor…..yeah. They know they can’t run on a strong economic message because the economy is in the toilet. But here’s a question or ya: So what if McDonnell said those things about gays, fornicators, working women, and single mothers, he was just being honest, is that a crime? Apparently when you’re a Democrat and you have no dignity the truth is like first degree murder, or a hate crime committed against a gay man.

But the sad truth is that the media didn’t call hypocrite on this idea of words and how they matter. During the election the media railed against the likes of Sean Hannity and Ann Coulter for pointing out Obama’s Marxist rhetoric and that of his racist pastor Jeremiah Wright. They said it was a side issue conservatives were using to distract the American people from the real issue: The economy. (YES THE DOUBLE STANDARD IS SUCH THAT IT MIGHT HIT YOU LIKE A FORD EXPLORER!) They’re doing the exact same thing to Bob McDonnell. The Democrats are trying to use his college paper as a tool to distract them from the real issue at hand: The ECONOMY STUPID!

But I digress…..boy do I ever