To Waterboard or Not To Waterboard

That is the question, for if we use enhanced interrogation methods on suspected terrorist detainees in the future, will the CIA have to look over their shoulders because of this politically charged diversionary tactic orchestrated by a White House struggling with its own message on just about everything, sinking poll numbers, an out of control and out of this world Congress, an awaken American people, and a lack of trust from those aforementioned American people.

My dear friends I’m annoyed by all of this, and this puts me one step closer to a decision for a possible congressional run in 2014. But one man with common sense cannot convert even the most strident nincompoop, for I will be preaching to an idiotic choir.

The great Duncan Hunter put it best on Hard On with Chris Matthews when he said our own soldiers experience water boarding as a training method in case of possible capture by our enemies on the battlefield, so are we also torturing our boys? I happen to agree with the Congressman, we can’t possibly hold such empathetic gesture toward a bunch of religious fanatics in white robes and sandals, and yet disregard the very same method, water boarding as a preparation for the “worst” as Chris Matthews put it. Once you try to argue for and against the same thing at the same time,  logic has left that argument altogether. If our soldiers are water boarded, are we then torturing our own soldiers since water boarding is in fact torture, that was the question posed to Chris Matthews by Duncan Hunter, I tell you you could hear a mouse fart and a pin drop it was so silent. I thought Matthews left the studio at one point.

But the argument for the left isn’t whether or not water boarding is torture since it’s used on American marines and such, for them it’s an issue of human rights, and what the feel deep down is the big bad United States picking on a bunch of poor misguided Muslims. Let me be clear, the issue isn’t water boarding and whether or not it’s torture, the issue for the left is their own beef with the United States and our foreign policy. Why do you think Obama crawled on his hands and knees in Europe and in the Middle East apologizing for America’s very existence as a nation? The left sees itself as the cleansing blood of Christ, coming in to wash away the sinful misdeeds of an imperialistic, racist, barbaric, and now torture Empire.

The problem is that we have too many treaties and conventions protecting the wrong people. Why are terrorists given safe haven under such one sided agreements like the Geneva Convention? But of course, such acts do not reflect our traditions and values. Although, the same people who reject the very founding of this great country, the same president who criticized the founding fathers who constructed and developed our traditions and values, the same party, by which I mean the Democrat Party whose members consist of black panthers, socialists, and collectivists, all of whom reject the constitution as yet another antiquated doctrine written by former slave masters and appeasers of slavery, are the same ones who are so quick to run and wrap themselves in that very document they deem as flawed and regressive, only when it holds the water they call an argument.

This compels me, to run for Congress, not in the state in which I currently reside, but instead a state dumb enough to elect one of these hapless, two bit, appeasing Democrats like a Bobby Rush or a Maxine Waters. I could run on this issue of torture alone and win a majority of the vote in a liberal district in a solidly blue state. That’s not arrogance, those are facts.

I can’t take this anymore, I’m sick and I’m tired of these people with such arrogance dismantling our national security all in the name of self righteousness. They’re at war with the past eight years, and in so doing they’ve managed to lump the 225 years preceding those eight years into one basket and now they’re at war with the entire 233 years of this nation’s history. No one promotes the idea of Roman Empire like torture methods, but at the same time no right thinking American believes pouring a bottle of Aquafina on some terrorist’s head is torture. Hell, for most of them that’s probably the closest they’ve ever come to taking a shower.

So why don’t we do that next time? Just throw some soap on a rope around their necks and tell the Justice Department that we were just giving him a shower. I know I shouldn’t be but one can only make light of such a stupid and dangerously irresponsible situation. So you know I mean I hope it’s all worth it for the Obama administration because not only are their numbers tanking now, by the time this is all over his poll numbers will be so far down in the toilet not even a sleazy hack like Keith Olberman would fish them out.

Is it me or does water boarding sound like something you do with an actual board in California? Surf’s up dude…