Lest They Forget One Important Component

The most important component to any political argument above all, composure.  One cannot present such a demand as a broad political agendas without composure, both in the delivery of his words and the measure of his confidence. Without composure man is, when in positions of power, obsolete. Allow me to give you an example.

On the O’Reilly Factor guest host Laura Ingram and her guests Democratic Strategist Matthew Littman and Amanda Carpenter discussed the “Power of Palin” and how much influence if any did Sarah Palin have on the issues of death panels and the health care debate in general. Seeing that he was losing the argument to Laura and Amanda Matthew Littman reverted back to old progressive tactics, which is to smear when you no longer have a grip on reality, or the facts. He criticized Palin for supporting “death panels” before she was against them, a fair charge on his part, but soon he would find himself in a corner, and when cornered smaller animals strike as their last line of defense. In this case, Littman’s last line of defense was actually the left’s first, last, and only line of defense and that was a smear. He called Palin a “phony” because she uses Facebook to comment on political issues and he also said quote, “When she’s on VH1 dating Flava Flav, which is what I expect in a few years, then I’ll follow Sarah Palin, in the meantime I don’t take her seriously” Now now Matthew, you should know better. But sadly my friends he knows not the limits of his own intellectual capabilities or capacity. The man had no choice but to smear the person he claims is so laughable and unintelligent, he did so by making an unintelligent comment that was well, laughable.

The left is reeling right now because they have no new ideas. Remember, they were supposed to have all the new ideas, if by new you mean waiting thirteen years to finally propose the same old progressive policies, then yes they did have new ideas. The problem is the American people don’t want these ideas and we’re pushing back. But, the leftist above all can’t stand it when people voice opposition to their agenda. They often misread the landscape, overreach and they fail to consider the political sentiment of the country, which usually results in massive election defeats during the mid-terms (1994, 2010), and the general election (1980, 1984, 1988, 2004, 2012). But despite these mistakes, even ones offered up by history itself, the Democrats, now controlled mainly by the progressive wing continues to defy even reality, and for what?

My friends this is no longer about health care, it ceased being about health care when the first town hall meeting turned into a lecture by the people to their Congressman, this is about saving face, and being right. The Democrats want so badly to be right even when they’re so obviously wrong. When one is married to their own views, despite an abundant evidence of disbelief and objection by the majority, that is when you have a situation where arrogance more than reason compels them so. And when they’re compelled by arrogance and power, they will go to extremes to marginalize the one’s pushing back, in this case the people of this great nation.

Madison said that all men with having power ought to be mistrusted, such an occassion calls for the people to mistrust their government.  We don’t want this, we never have, history should tell you of these failed battles and how the left paid a price at the polls, but to suggest the left could learn such a lesson well, you be the judge.  So while the comments of Mr. Littman were shameful and inaccurate because Sarah Palin is married, it’s yet another example of the sheer desperation on the part of our progressive friends. They have no where to go, so this prompts another question: Who’s really wandering in the wilderness?

Calvin Coolidge said of the duty of citizenship: “The people of our country are sovereign. They have no right to say they do not care. They must care!” We must care, we mustn’t relent, and we must remember that compsure, when armed with the facts will carry us through the storm, while those in power may run to the last remaining shelter standing, ours, and will we let them in?