Health Care Opponents: Mob Mentality And Oh By The Way, You're Also A Racist

This just in, according to Cynthia Tucker of the Atlanta Journal Constitution 45-60% of those showing up at town hall meetings on the opposite side of Obama’s health care plan have racial motives to their opposition. This after MSNBC showed a video of a town hall where a black woman was interviewed by a reporter in which the same black woman explained why she didn’t trust the health care plan being floated by Obama and the Democrats.

Now we’re racists, even me the African American who opposes universal health care. So why don’t we all give each other a pat on the back because we manage to make our opposition to Obama’s policies an issue of race as oppose to an issue of well, unconstitutionality and a down right threat to freedom.

This is the next shoe to drop folks, they’re going to try an label us as a bunch of rural, uneducated, close minded hicks from fly over country who in our opposition oppose the ideas of change. Charlie Gibson said it today during the ABC news broadcast, he described town hall protesters as “People opposed to change” or something to that effect, keep in mind this was an hour ago so I don’t remember his exact words. Cynthia Tucker also said that when tea party protesters were saying, “This isn’t the country I grew up in” she took that as them referring to the fact that we have a black president.

This is the narrative guys, they’re trying to tie Obama the person with Obama the policy maker and president. It’s been the overall theme since the man ran for president: If you oppose Obama, no matter how legitimate or substantive your opposition may be, you’re a racist, because to the media in this country no one could possibly be against this president. This guy who has a winning smile, he’s in shape, he’s young and he listens to Jay-Z and Ludacris. His family is beautiful, and he danced on the Ellen DeGeneres show.

It’s like, having a conversation with your thirteen year old sister: “Why don’t you like the Jonas Brothers?” and you say, “They suck cow package and they can’t sing, besides I like Slayer” and then they say, “Well it’s not him it’s you, there’s something wrong with you, who wouldn’t like the Jonas Brothers?!” Yes, there’s something wrong with you Red State, and you town hall mobsters with your slack jaws and your racially motivated opposition, you all hate change and you’re trying to derail the dream.

So now that we know what’s wrong with us, let’s tell them what’s wrong with them: They’re trying to ram socialized medicine down our throats, we reject it, they get angry and call us mobsters and racists, they act smug and condescending toward us and yet we’re suppose to trust them, when we don’t trust them they get upset. This is a vicious cycle where elite politicians act like they’re so above criticism like some overpaid West Hollywood starlet.

So, are you in that 45-60% of people who just want to see another black man fail? Are you an opponent of change we can believe in? If so please call 1-800-I’m A Racist, that’s 1-800-I’m A Racist