Russian Pride, Yet Again

From Russia with love, or pride, or intimidation, envy? Well, you can never tell with the Russians and this time they sent subs…as in submarines, not sandwiches. But no need to worry according to the US Navy, the submarines were on a surveillance mission. I tell you those Russians and their surveillance missions two hundred miles off the coast of Florida and Georgia, what a riot.

But I agree with Naval intelligence that we shouldn’t hit the deck or head for the bomb shelters. The Russians are both annoyingly arrogant and cute at the same time, it’s like the short guy who always wants to fight the biggest man in the room. Russia in terms of developed nations is among the shortest in both their leaders (Putin and Medvedev combined barely stand 5’9 inches tall) and influence. So it’s expected that they will try to provoke the biggest guy in the room: The United States. But as in the case of the little arrogant tough guy, Russia has a pride and envy problem. They can’t stand it when no one listens to them or asks for their input, as in pretty much all time. Russia also has problems with the fact that the United States remains the lone superpower after we kicked the commie red can down the road in 1989.

So the Russians partake in joint Military exercises with Venezuela in the Caribbean, they invade Georgia, they use their natural gas reserves to intimidate Ukraine from joining NATO, and they clip our aircraft carriers with their outdated Cold War era bombers. And now this, two Russian subs off the east coast of the United States. You know these people are so jealous of what our Military can do they ratchet up their old arsenal of 1 aircraft carrier, submarines circa 1982, and that old rust bucket Peter the Great and they try to play the role. Well, given our eleven super carriers, largest battle fleet tonnage in the world, and overall largest Navy in the world I suggest the Russians be cool and go back to Moscow. Or, they’ll find out what those Somali pirates were thinking at 12:35 at night before an elite team of Navy Seals put two in their noggin.

But then again, the United States wants a peaceful, strong, and prosperous Russia, according to our president. And this is where we should be concerned. Joe Biden had it right, Obama is way off. We don;t want a strong and prosperous Russia because last time I checked a strong and prosperous Russia had hundreds of nukes pointed at our heads, and they went by a different name: The Sovier Union. We don’t want a strong Russia that would feel compelled even more to bully their neighbors. We don’t want a strong Russia because a stronger Russia means a well armed and stronger Iran and that doesn’t bode well for Israel. So we’ve established a few things here, first, Russia is but a shadow of the shadow of the Soviet Union both Militarilly and economically, Barack Obama is an idiot and doesn’t know his hsitory, and a strong and prosperous Russia means a trip down memory lane.