You Know You're A Racist....

…..When you call Barack Obama a racist. In the case of Glen Beck, he went above and beyond the pale according to the liberal smeardia. Beck stated on Fox and Friends that he believes president Obama has a deep seeded hatred toward white people. Now, some might say Beck should have chosen his words a little better or perhaps he should have kept his mouth shut, but I would say well, do you think the president should have kept his mouth shut when he said the Cambridge Police Department acted “stupidly” no, no of course not because that was a black man throwing barbs at Police Department who I suppose many would assume are mostly white, and in the case of Sgt. Crowley he was white.

Here’s the non double standard double standard, as presented by Joy Behar: Black people can’t be racist because they’ve been racial profiled, discriminated against, and mistreated based on their race for so long, their own racism and hatred toward white people is not racism or hatred, but mere reactionary behavior toward their oppressors. Sort of like cause and effect, or with every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. You see blacks are always the victims no matter what. So when Beck said Obama had a deep hatred of white people, that set off a charge in the minds of every academically trained elite who still fosters white guilt.

They can’t believe Beck would say something so far fetched because nothing in Obama’s past would suggest a boiling skepticism or resentment of white people. Never mind America’s history of racism, Jim Crowe, slavery, and hundreds of other examples of racial discrimination and injustice, Barack Obama is bi-racial, so he’s different. Or we could simply look back to Obama’s own words: “A white person’s greed runs a world in need” That quote is from Obama’s book ‘The Audacity of Hope’ If they’re still not convinced, we can look at Obama’s long tenure at Trinity United Church on Chicago’s south side, where his Pastor and mentor Jeremiah Wright often railed against America and white people, spewing racism and irrational conspiracy theories, for example when he said the United States government secretly planted drugs in black neighborhoods as an attempt to imprison the entire black community.

Or how about when Wright said,  “The US of KKKA” I’m sure he meant Kind Hearts, Kittens, and Knitters. But Wright was just the beginning for Obama, I have yet to mention his conflict with his own racial identity and how hard it was for him to fit in when he was growing up. In his book he obsessively talked about how he would try harder than other teenagers to be liked and to accepted because of his black and white background. So to suggest that this president who himself has a long history of racial confusion might be a little, just a little skeptical of white folks, is to suggest the Klan likes to hang black people because they have a rope fetish. If you combine his history with the long line of cuddle buddies back home in Chi-town, something doesn’t add up.

So remember this and you should be okay, you can’t call Obama a racist because that will make you a racist. And when some like Mark Sanford refused to take slimeulus dollars, the racial arsonists like Jim Clyburn of South Carolina accused his of being a racist and said all those who refuse the economic slimeulus package money in the future he’ll consider that an act of racism. Or how about when Rush Limbaugh said he hopes president Obama’s policies fail, some in the media and the Democratic Party accused Rush of being a racist and wanting a black man to fail. But is this just racial arson? Paranoia? Or smart politics. Like Obama when Judge Sonyia Sotomayor was tapped as the next Supreme Court Judge, Democrat Senator from New York F**k Schumer said “I dare Republicans to oppose her” They play the game well, as does the president, who picked her based on genitalia and race. He knew picking Sotomayor would throw the GOP for a loop and it did in some respects.

So, if anyone of you on this great website have questioned president Obama’s views on race, then odds are you’re probably a racist yourself…Or someone who doesn’t want a racial obsessed, racial skeptical, and in some aspects down right racist president.