Clinton to India: "The US will never do anything that would limit India's growth" But They'll Damn Sure Do Something that Would Limit the United State's Growth in the Future

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton traveled to India to talk climate change, more importantly she went to India to talk about lopsided policy on climate change. But the one way street isn’t being built by the developing nations in Asia, this construction plan broke ground in the United States by the Democrats. You see, Clinton wants India and the United States to quote, “join hands” when it comes to fighting the invisible smog monster, Climatoris, and the mighty pollution creature from the black clouds over the coal plant. But, Clinton won’t dare stand in the way of economic growth (China: 7.9% growth from April to June of 2009, India: between 5% and 6%) but she and the Democrats, along with Obama will damn sure stand in the way of the United States future economic growth (US: a whopping 5% decline in GDP)

If China, you know the four foot tall commies want to become the world’s largest economy they’ll do so without actually competing you know, the way we did it. China knows when it comes down to products and innovation they won’t beat us. So they’ll just wait until we defeat ourselves, which is a much smarter and less risky move on China’s part. But hey, the earth is much more important to allow the world’s current largest economy, by the way the world’s largest provider for humanitarian aid, financial aid, and food to third world nations, and I might add the only country in the world beside Canada and Great Britain who would give you the shirt off its back without any strings, say unlike China whose going around funding these third world countries in exchange for “influence” *cough power cough*, an embassy, a base,  complete access to ports, and did I mention power err uh I mean influence. Hm, sounds like a communist empire in eastern Europe, what was that place called? Oh yeah the Soviet Union.

Let’s get one thing straight here, China equals 21st century Soviet Union. I know the Obama administration and all these progressive experts on China want you to believe that we can develop a constructive partnership with the midget reds, but jack that ain’t so. China has long since learned the lesson from the Soviets and they’re going to marginalize America’s leadership and influence, and power a different way, without the threat of nuclear obliteration and Military expansion. The Chinese were always competing with us and will do so through economic expansion and in short, use our system against us without actually reforming their political iron fist government. Just look at Hong Kong as the front, a nice democratic society, capitalistic, but China as a whole will never accept absolute democracy, they said so themselves during a counsel meeting where even Jackie Chan who was in attendance said China should not adopt democratic values like Hong Kong or the west.

So you see? China doesn’t want to play ball, they aren’t planning on playing ball with us or the rest of the old Europe G-8 nations who still think they have influence beyond their own borders. If fact, they don’t even have much influence inside their own borders as individual sovereign nations so they need to form these G-8, G-20 meetings to look like they still have power and something important to say, but they don’t. And as for India well, they may not be an adversary or a deceitful competitor like China, but they damn sure don’t want to become entangled in the web of environmental restrictions or the Kyoto Treaty.

But can you blame either country when you consider the United States and our massive expansion during the 19th and 20th century? China said the United States had their one hundred years of economic progress and advancement and now they deserve theirs, so who are we to let that go by the wayside? Well, we Americans aren’t ones to player hate, we’ll just hate on ourselves by implementing cap and trade, compressive regulations on car usage, car manufacturing, and other basic needs that involve energy. But can we afford to do this, is that simply the reason? We can throw millions of jobs and millions upon trillions of dollars down the toilet because we are the world’s largest and most trusted economy. On the other hand, just because you can you’re old enough to drink doesn’t mean you should get drunk and drive home.

It’s going to be the most mind numbingly difficult four years under this president who seeks to stifle capitalism and non government growth. He wants to control growth because he’s concern you see. We’re 5% of the population and yet we’ve accounted for more industrialization and yeah pollution than any other country in the world for a good one hundred years. I was the first to say this in an article for Townhall, Obama doesn’t see us as a sole leader in the world, or the most powerful or the lone superpower. He, like the midget reds believe it’s someone else turn to be the superpower. The United States needs to “pass the rock”, to use a basketball reference. We’ll pass the rock alright, and the Russians, and the Chinese will hold on to it a helluva lot longer and with more grip you see because iron fists usually have more strength than the giving hand. And we’ll look up as we abide by one world government-esque policies and wonder how it all went down the drain.

But then again what did we expect when we voted a trans-nationalist progressive into office. Trans-nationalism, progressivism, collectivism, Marxism, and the most powerful position in the world don’t mix well. Kinda like vodka, spinach, meat loaf, and humus. Hm, tasty.