Who Is Sarah Palin?: And Do You Care, I Don't

Sarah Palin graced the national stage with both the dazzle of a shooting star and the crash bang of a comet the size of a football field. But Palin’s own so called self destruction wasn’t self inflicted but instead coordinated by those in the media who couldn’t stand her, and they didn’t even know who she was, and that’s the point. The American media elite is as spoiled and smug as it is presumptuous and dishonest. Their characterizations of her stuck for some reason. Was it a lack of intelligence by the American people to find out for themselves who Sarah Palin really is? Or did the media drive home their point despite the American people finding their information about the self appointed “hockey mom”.

We as residents in the lower forty eight small towns and small cities have to understand something about the beltway/coastal crowd, they don’t like outsiders, especially outsiders who don’t bother to introduce themselves before they crash the party. Todd Purdum said it best when he went on This Week with George Stephenoupolus and lampooned Palin as a mentally disturbed Richard Nixon in pumps. If you listen to the so called experts and the hierarchy of media mouths they all seemed to criticize Palin for resigning. But their criticism was aimed at the fact that Palin for one didn’t notify them first with her back up plans after leaving office, and two, they were angry because they couldn’t decipher the code. Why was Palin leaving office, and why now? The Sunday talk show rounds were full of suit and tie talking heads trying to decode the Palin puzzle. But perhaps as I’ve stated last Friday there was no code, no puzzle, just a woman who was fed up with vicious baseless ethics complaints that cost her millions and cost her time with governing Alaska, maybe she was tired of David Letterman and his ilk treating her like some bimbo who didn’t have the skills to be manager at Burger King. As Bill Maher put it, to them Palin was some bitchy retarded flight attendant who didn’t belong in the group of established yuppies who frequented the same cocktail parties and social events. But that’s the point, Palin didn’t want that lifestyle, as she said in her press conference she just wasn’t wired that way. Maybe she just wasn’t wired for politics in terms of elected office. Maybe she doesn’t have Hillary Clinton’s ambitious nature, or Barack Obama’s silent but deadly partisan killer instinct. Maybe she’s not a creature of the political mafia and to the beltway bullsh–ters that’s a problem. All they know is Washington and New York and Los Angeles and they can’t deal with someone outside of that bubble, so they smear them, make them seem crazy and out of the mainstream, even though that same beltway elite are the ones who are out of the mainstream.

And so when I say who is Sarah Palin and do you care, I don’t, what I mean by that is I don’t know Sarah Palin, I don’t know her heart but I won’t lose sleep trying to figure out where her heart is or what she’s planning because its up to her. I was annoyed mostly by the gall of the media in regards to how offended they were by the fact that Palin made a decision about her life. These people don’t even want politicians making choices without running it by them first and that’s the sad part. I think Cynthia Tucker who I’m no fan of said it best: “Maybe she just wants to be left in peace” Yeah, maybe she just wants to be left alone. But we know that won’t happen because despite her resignation and her not being in the spotlight after her press conference on Saturday the media will continue to dig and smear to make sure the so called monster won’t lunge out of the water and grab them, or Barack Obama which ever comes first.

I like Palin and her decision was sad at first because she was the only real true blue conservative in my opinion, but its her decision. So again, who is this Sarah Palin and do you care? because I don’t, and that’s the point. I won’t define her, call her Richard Nixon and I won’t question her mental capacity. Seeing that her young child Trig suffers from a mental disability in Down Syndrome I’m surpise the media took it there with Palin. Then again these people have no souls and I’m not being sarcastic. I believe Washington and that elite environment robbed them of whatever it was they had before that made them normal people. Remember most of these journalists and strategists came from small towns and rural areas.