The GOP Establishment Must Be Broken, Or We'll Lose in 2010 and in 2012

I’ve sure many of you heard about the McCain staff hacks bashing Sarah Palin during an interview with Vanity Fair. The charges range from the baseless to the downright idiotic. Want to here some? Well, Gov. Palin was accused of being mentally unstable and having post postpartum depression because of her recent pregnancy at the time. It seems McCain staffers are A: Trying to send a clear message to the Governor that she’s not welcome in the Party’s so called “re branding effort” (Because that effort is going so well as is right?) or B: They don’t like her and will always blame her for everything wrong with the party…even though she’s the most popular politician in the party and one of the most if not the most popular governor in the country. You know we shouldn’t make fun of mentally challenged people, but in this case I mean I really believe the drooling chin cup class has their hand on the steering wheel while the psyche ward nurse lay unconscious in the back seat of the white van.

This is annoying and I’m tired of hearing about how some washed up hack from the backroom apologist wing of the Republican Party kneecap this woman for the simple fact that she’s I don’t know a walk it like she talk it conservative. Yeah, you know what a walk it like I talk conservative is? That’s someone who practices the principles he or she preaches, unlike Mitt Romney who decided he was a conservative when he ran for president even though he was a moderate all his political life, Mark Sanford who keeps making a fool of himself, and the other irrelevant “players” who aren’t nearly as charismatic or appealing as Sarah Palin. I know, I’ve said appeal and personality matters not, especially to an issues hawk like myself but you can’t be a boring generic white guy with a black suit and red tie. All the Republican so called players fit that description. And yes the one figure who can successfully transform the party is the target of all the hatred from the party.

That is why the establishment, elitist, country club eastern seaboard wing must be broken or this party won’t see the light of day for a good 25 years. We need a liquidation sale on all hack staffers and Sex in the City Republicans who are the ones holding us back. Palin and Bobby Jindal aren’t holding this party back, I mean god forbid they make a mistake these soft head moderates act like they’re above criticism, they don’t suck from the teet of perfection the boobs. Palin and Jindal are the future and that’s the problem my friends. The Mike Murphey’s, Steve Schmidt of the world are fading like the campaigns they ran. The knock on Palin is that she’s some Pat Buchanan figure that appeals only to the hard right of the party and that’s it. All we hear is “well, she doesn’t appeal to people in New Hampshire” to hell with New Hampshire! those people voted for Barack Obama at 5:00 in the morning they were so anxious to vote for the nanny state, screw em.

Deep down these ingrates liked or in some cases like Obama. They still believe he’s this pragmatic reasonable centrist who appeals to their own centrism. They know Palin poses a threat to the order and they can’t stand the idea of this backwoods, small town quirky governor from a state no one really knows much about coming in and as Fred Thompson said: “Draining the swamp, no matter what the alligator says”

Don’t listen to these beltway chin cups because they don’t know what’s going on outside of Washington DC. They live in this world and they’ve been there for 20 and 30 years, they party with the same people, they speak the language and they have no sense of reality as far as rural America and the South, and the industrial United States. These people are hell bent on maintaining their power because they know they can make moves without consequence. Bush was a puppet for these guys, so is Romney. They forget a man by the name of Ronald Reagan and for someone meaning myself who doesn’t consider himself a fan of Reagan I remember more about Reagan than these so called “foot soldiers in the Reagan revolution” Well, I’m an apprentice at the Calvin Coolidge school of classic liberalism and I know that Reagan’s principles and views on economics came from Coolidge, and you know what? Coolidge was the original Ronald Reagan. And I also know that Reagan caught hell during his run for president. The same jokes who are shooting off at the mouth now were lambasting Reagan for his conservatism. They all said Reagan had no chance in hell in 1980, so they supported George H.W. Bush the moderate, who ironically ran on Reagan’s two terms when he ran for president in 1988. See, these jerks have no core or original premise to their platform, they just go wherever they feel might help them get elected.

If we listen to Mike Murphy who ran a losing campaign for John McCain in 2000, or Steve Schmidt who ran an unsuccessful campaign for John McCain in 2008, and no Sarah Palin wasn’t the problem, McCain’s unwillingness to engage Obama (He never looked Obama in the eye during the debates) and his incoherent behavior during the start of the recession in September of last year was the reason he lost. And as for the Palin pick if I’m not mistaken when she gave her speech at the convention Democrats were scared pissless, and if I recall McCain was tied with Obama in the polls and in some cases led Obama after Palin was tapped to be the vice presidential candidate. But, it wasn’t until Rick Davis and the other boobs mucked up Palin’s media tour that the media itself smelled blood in the water and had to take this check down a notch. So don’t blame Palin for McCain’s inability to present a clear and opposing but incoherent message to Obama.

You see unlike John McCain who by the way i admire and I’m not faulting McCain here, but unlike the Maverick, the barracuda actually knows a thing or two about reaching out to the people during an election campaign. I mean after all she had to do so when she ran for governor of Alaska. But you see Alaska wasn’t important, New Hampshire and Massachusetts are. I can’t stand people who lived in a bubble for so long they assume that bubble is how things are and how they should be. Not all politicians go to Washington for power and influence, not all politicians govern solely on the prospect of the next election campaign, some govern because they want to serve.

So we can listen to Mike Murphy like I said before and we can listen to Rick Davis and Michelle Laxel, and we can lose the next elections and the next and never see a victory until our grandchildren have children. We can believe Mike Murphy when he said, “We need to change with the times, I mean I’m a conservative I don’t want to water down conservatism but we need to change our views to fit the shifting demographic.” He’s a conservative, he doesn’t want to water down conservatism but we need to change our views to fit the shifting demographic, I see, so we need to pander uh I mean change our views? You see that Washington political hack double talk? He said he’s a conservative and he’s not trying to water down conservatism but we need to change our views. So, if he’s a conservative and he doesn’t want to water down conservatism, then why is he and the other soft heads trying to lampoon one of the most if not the most conservative Republican in the country? That’s like saying: “Honey I kissed my coworker but I didn’t cheat, I’m not a cheater. We kissed, but I didn’t cheat because sex is cheating, but I kissed her honey, but i wasn’t unfaithful”

Let these hacks go on MSNBC and bash Governor Palin all they want. They don’t have a clue what’s going in the country and where the lines are drawn in the dirt. This country is 45% pro-life which is the majority sentiment, the country is 35% conservative, 25% moderate, and 19% leftist, despite the tune of the beltway morons Palin could easily beat Obama in 2012 by allowing Obama to beat himself now. Obama’s agenda is failing, his numbers are dropping, and his policies are killing an otherwise recovering economy and you mean to tell me that Palin or any other strong principle to action conservative couldn’t do to Obama what Reagan did to Carter or what Bill Clinton did to George H.W. Bush?

I’ve said this many times, Barack Obama is not a strong candidate, he never was. His campaign wasn’t special or indestructible, the media’s ploy to get him elected was. George Bush’s failed second term and a down economy was, McCain’s own inability to run for president was, Obama wasn’t. Remember Obama was limping into the general election after nearly losing the Primary to Hillary Clinton. And remember what the media said about Clinton? “Oh she’s too polarizing to appeal to Reagan Democrats and Independents” what happened? Hillary won the majority of blue dog Democrats and Independents during the last five months of primary elections. Obama isn’t a Reagan figure who expanded his base, because recent polls showed that Independents are leaving him and Republicans have long since jumped off the bandwagon back in March.

So again, we can listen to Mike Murphy and the like.