Supreme Court Reversal Got Me Thinking: Why Is Black America in Bed With the Left?

“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”-Martin Luther King Jr.

What is affirmative action but a condescending quota system. If we are to look upon Dr. King as arguably one of the greatest leaders of our time then perhaps we should take the man as he was, and not how our African American studies professor or our Sociology professor say he was or how they saw him. Dr. King was a champion of civil rights but more importantly he was a champion of civil rights for all people, not just black people. He wasn’t like Malcolm X, who early in his career as a civil rights activist and member of the Nation of Islam often used radical rhetoric and promoted black empowerment quote, “By any means necessary”. Martin Luther King preached racial and ethnic harmony through peace and understanding, but as soft spoken and poetic as he was, he could also be a bit outspoken on some issues for instance the war in Vietnam. Dr. King criticized America for its involvement in the war and was viewed by some as a radical who threatened the social and political order. But he wasn’t Bobby Seale or Huey Newton, no Dr. King was a man of great depth who rose above the self pitying black radicals. He wasn’t down with the revolution you know, his war wasn’t with the “man”, but with the so called “man’s” laws like Jim Crowe and segregation. But I take light in the fact that while Seale and Newton self destructed within the black power movement, and while unfortunately Malcolm X’s own self evaluation and eventual moderation of his once radical views cost him his life, we remember Dr. King without his own man in the mirror moment, he was always reasonable.

You know I wrote a post about how the media and liberals accuse conservatives and the GOP of having a monopoly on family values and morality, but the same can be said about the left and their monopoly on the issues of civil rights and equality. For years that’s all we heard from Democrats: “We like black people, we marched for their rights, Republicans hate blacks” But one can question whether leftists and the Democratic Party have hurt the black community more than they’ve helped it. Has the welfare state hurt or helped the black community? Is affirmative action helping or hurting the black community? Whenever I hear someone from the left talk about civil rights and use that as a ploy to get black votes I hear: “Remember who gave you these rights, now vote for me”

it got me thinking: Why did black people fight for over 100 years for their freedom and the rights they deserve if they were just going to give them away 100 years later? I mean if you think about are black people really free? Is the welfare state not a form of slavery when it all it does is provide Democrats a way in which to control an entire population with an entitlement program? Is Affirmative Action not a form of slavery when all it does is decide what schools and what jobs black people will have based on their blackness and not their academic or professional credentials? The best thing to ever happen to me was when I didn’t get into to Augustana College. I knew that my grades were the reason I didn’t get in, as oppose to my skin color alone being the reason I would have been accepted.

I take pride in the three rejection letters I got from Augustana, USC, and UCLA. I mean sure I’m realizing that being a B- student won’t land me in the best schools in the country but at least I know that my skin color wasn’t a factor in the decision. If all black people and other minorities realized as I did that quota systems and Affirmative Action devalue our skills and our potential, not highlight them then I think Affirmative Action will become null and void in our society. But, I know for right now I’m wishing upon a star, because unfortunately there’s a lot at stake in the black community, except well, the black community doesn’t hold those stakes, the left and the Democratic Party establishment does. The more impoverished blacks are, the more dependent they become, the more Democrats and the left can instill within them hatred for the target: “Rich white men with power aka the GOP” and thus more welfare and entitlements, which equals less empowerment and more power for the Democrats, which finally class you have a more damaging, dangerous, and humiliating form of slavery. This time the Democrats know black people won’t leave the plantation, the welfare is the bullwhip.

So we libertarians and conservatives and classic liberals ought not beat ourselves up over the fact that Democrats have a monopoly on civil rights and equality. You know why? Well, sooner or later black people will wake up and realize that since the 1960s they’ve belonged to new slave masters, and that they’ve never truly been free. For those of us who woke up and left we’re like the slaves who went to Canada, we’re just trying to help our enslaved brothers and sisters see the light.

So let’s go back to that famous quote from Dr. King: “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”

Who would have known the party that claimed the mantle of diversity and racial acceptance would become the party that represents the opposite of what Dr. King spoke of in that speech, did you? When he talked about judging a man based on his character and not his skin color, who knew Democrats who often tout and even rub their civil rights accomplishments in our faces would develop their entire world view based on racial oppression and ethnic paranoia, again did you? They would have us believe that they best represent the teachings of Dr. King and yet everything they do is racially based and racially motivated: Welfare, Affirmative Action, the Quota System, everything. They are so obsessed with race and yet they still want you to believe them when they tell you that their party is the most diverse. But they won’t tell you how they expanded their big tent. They used government programs and social engineering, class warfare, and racial fear mongering to increase support within black communities and they’re doing the same with Hispanics.

But perhaps the white liberal guilt runs deep within the soul of every coastal Democrat. Their party history consists of Strom Thurmond and Theodore Bilbo, and the southern Dixiecrats who opposed Lyndon Johnson’s Civil Rights Act, and who at night would dawn white sheets as members of the White Knights of the Klu Klux Klan. So again I ask this question: Why does the party of diversity and racial open mindedness focus so much on race? Why do they play identity politics?

Eh who am I kidding I’ll never get the straight answer so why ask? Before I go however I would like to ask for an apology from Democrats who ran Trent Lott out of Washington. I figure if Strom Thurmond can get away with his racist remarks when he was a Democrat, surely Lott who has no history of racial bigotry or ties with the KKK can be forgiven for at best telling a joke that wasn’t funny…still waiting for that apology

And Robert Bird is still a Democrat……..