Conservatives Must Drop The "Holier Than Thou" Moniker

After the latest dust up involving South Carolina governor Mark Sanford and his South American  senorita the MSM is pounding away at the idea that Republicans hold a monopoly on family values and moral standards. Well now they want the GOP to throw away the moral compass and walk aimlessly through the wilderness, we should proudly fall from grace and wear it like a badge of honor like their heroes in the Democrat Party. You see they’re accusing us of being hypocrites because we bother to promote and encourage people to live life according to a moral and responsible foundation, and we sometimes go against what we preach. Sure there are those who stray but to rid ourselves of our traditional values because we might stray again is to suggest that an alcoholic might as well give up on sobriety because there’s a chance he or she might fall off the wagon.

Of all people Chris Matthews should appreciate that analogy because he was an alcoholic, and yet he’s one of the media chest beaters throwing the “hypocrisy” word around like its a football. He also equated Sarah Palin with Mark Sanford in terms of hypocrisy, don’t know how he did that but congratulations? Sarah Palin as far as we know has never left Alaska for days so she could be with her lover. If Matthews was trying to relate the fact that Palin’s daughter Bristol had a child out of wedlock to Gov. Sanford’s South American four play, then there’s no relation.

I like the fact that Republicans preach family values and morality. But I understand the beef when they don’t practice what they preach. I also understand the beef when they act self righteous and holier than thou when Democrats get caught with their pants down (I couldn’t resist). But the smug self righteousness isn’t relegated to the GOP. If you remember John Edwards, the 400 dollar man criticized Bill Clinton for his late night oral presentations with former intern Monica Lewinsky. Fast forward a few years and John Edwards admits to cheating on his wife with a woman who was part of his campaign staff. Not only that but the woman gave birth to Edward’s love child. How about Elliott Spitzer, who for years went after Wall Street criminals and the mob, often touting his toughness on corruption, sounds arrogant right? Well Spitzer later admitted to having an affair with a high class hooker turned singer Ashley Dupree..among other top dollar escorts.

You see the self righteous bull—t goes both ways and that’s the problem. You can’t tell Republicans to drop the “family values” act just because you can’t keep it in your pants. We as voters can’t expect too much of our politicians because politicians aren’t noble, honorable people, at least not anymore. They lie, they steal, they cheat (in more ways than one), and they have no core, well at least most of them don’t. Politicians care about the reelection campaign, the donations, and the agenda. We the people must understand that as good a leader as Ronald Reagan and Dwight Eisenhower were, they weren’t perfect men. And, for every Eisenhower and Reagan, there’s a Bill Clinton and Mark Sanford. The cult of personality created the gift and the curse. The gift being the ability of a JFK and Barack Obama to move the crowd with their very presence, the curse being a Bill Clinton and Eliot Spitzer, victims of their own self righteouness and arrogance.