.....And Justice for All

Friday the House narrowly passed the Obama/Pelosi cap and trade bill, with a fight expected to go down when the bill reaches the Senate. Far more important than the war the bill wages on industrialization and wealth, the erosion of our economic power is what we should focus on. The United States economy remains the largest in the world despite a year (2008-2009) of overspending, trade deficits, high taxes, job loss, a recession, and an overall 5.5% decline in GDP. Our economy is about 14 trillion, with China a close second with 7.5 trillion. Here’s where I’m getting at, if this cap and trade bill passes and becomes law China will surpass the United States as the largest economy in the world. If that happens our influence and our credibility will disappear. If you ask me our economic street cred on the world stage has already declined in the past eight years, and Obama’s making it worse. The Europeans don’t want to spend money, they’re criticizing us for overspending, the French say Obama is turning America into a Euro style socialist country, and the BRIC nations (Brazil, India, Russia, and China) are weary of the dollar’s future and want to develop a global reserve currency. This is the perfect economic category 5 hurricane and this cap and trade bill if made into law will nail the coffin shut on the era of American economic power.

How did this begin you ask? Well, it’s a long history of bad decisions. The history is long yes, but complex no, in fact its rather simple how far we’ve fallen from the world’s most fiscally prudent and largest banker, to the world’s most fiscally promiscuous and largest debtor nation. We consume more than the rest of the world yet we’re only 5% of the world’s population. Again, how the hell did this happen you ask? Irresponsibility and outright contempt for all things constitutional and ethical. For years we’ve shredded the constitution in the name of comfort. We’ve bypassed all ethical standards in order to finance a lifestyle so unlike this nation of ours. And now with a so called energy bill likely to pass the Senate and become law, we’ll finally write the last chapter of this great experiment called America. America will become a second rate power whose days of glory and success would lag far behind its murky and uncertain future. This cap and trade bill will shed 2 million jobs a year, not for one year, or maybe two months, we’re talking annual job decline and increased unemployment.

This cap and trade bill will give federal bureaucracies the power to implement unreasonable standards on homes, businesses, car makers, small business, and even school. Our institutions both private and public are in enough hot water as it is, and these environmental standards would only sink them deeper into the whirlpool. But this was the plan from the beginning and you know what, I must say I gotta hand it to Obama and the collectivists. He systemically destroyed the greatest nation god granted man and he did so without firing a shot.

I want to talk about China for a minute. China is the largest emitter of greenhouse gas in the world, yet the Obama administration and the Congress refuse to approach China about their pollution because China is our largest banker and because we need China to help us reign in North Korea (How’s that working out so far?) So Obama would rather cripple the economy of the nation in which he is president, than address the communist country that routinely steals classified information from our defense department about their greenhouse gas emissions. Is Obama working for the Chinese by any chance, because he’s doing their job for them.

It’s going to be a rough three years because Obama is going to ram every single agenda he can before we wake up. We’re starting to wake up now but the media is also waking up and realizing that the guy they invested in will fail if they don’t distort and promote his agenda. So we have the American people waking up, and we have the media waking up to prevent us from knowing the truth. Who says the media isn’t a watchdog anymore? Problem is they’re too busy watching us instead of the president.