Commentary Corner:My View On Things

This week has been frustrating for me. With Obama in campaign mode trying to put the screws to the American people on his health care plan, David Letterman makes sick jokes about the daughter of someone he doesn’t even know, but someone he hates so its alright because she’s a conservative. Carrie Prejean the most attractive member of the conservative movement becomes a victim of freedom of speech injustice and intolerance, and to think I actually started to control my anger. I have problems with anger and impatience so I try not to write as much for Red State and Townhall like I used to because of stress.

In any event let’s discuss the week shall we? Okay so David Letterman sunk to a new low (lowing than his ratings? Pretty much) He went after the daughter of Alaska governor Sarah Palin. Why he went after an eighteen year old he doesn’t know is beyond me, but the real question is why the media defended Letterman. You see David Letterman is yet another example in a trend of liberal males attacking conservative, or I’ll go a step further powerful female politicians in a crude and misogynistic manner. We all remember Chris Matthews and his constant attack on Hillary Clinton. He said she reminded him of his first wife, and he said she would not be where she is today had it not been for Bill Clinton’s infidelity; as to suggest that a woman without political experience can’t work her way up the ladder int he political arena. You see men like Matthews and Letterman feel intimidated by women in positions of authority and power. These metrosexual liberals have to hold their cannons with both hands, no matter how small they are because woman like Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin challenge what little manhood they have left.

You never hear Sean Hannity use sexual references like “slut” or “b*tch” to describe Hillary Clinton or Nancy Pelosi. Even the more outspoken conservative voices like Dr. Savage and the  “Great One” Mark Levin refrain from using disrespectful language when railing against female liberal politicians and media figures. But that’s the difference between conservative men and liberal men. Conservative men can find plenty of political and ideological firepower to attack such figures as Clinton and Pelosi on a strictly political and intellectual level. Letterman and Matthews and that sad case in Prada glasses Keith Olberman lack a substantive level of intellect.

Let’s talk about Olberman while I’m on the subject of females. Olberman and a guest on his show spent an entire segment smearing and degrading the lovely Carrie Prejean (I’m aware of the fact that I keep stating the obvious when I talk about Ms. Prejean). They talked about her breasts, they called her a man, they said she had a sex change, it was utter garbage and in the end these Village liberals are going to suffer the consequences. They have no idea what’s coming and in their arrogance they’re overreaching on all fronts. But we classic liberals and conservatives have to put all of the attacks on Palin and those attacks on Hillary Clinton in the proper context.

Hillary Clinton was attacked because she posed a threat to their guy Barack Obama. She was relentless, persistent, and she refused to lay down even when the media sung her swan song after every Primary, including the primaries she won (I know it boggles even the most intelligent minds) Sarah Palin is a threat to the entire left wing establishment. The entire world they’ve known for decades is in danger of being exposed and eventually disposed of by this barely 5’4 quirky conservative governor from Alaska. Surely, with the level of arrogance and confidence they have in Obama’s so called decisive victory over John McCain, why the uneasiness about Palin? I mean after all the country is shifting remember?

You see Palin is the country all rolled into one. She part glamor, part down home, part girl next door, part high school cheerleader, part jock, part coal miner’s daughter, part sorority sister, and the media can’t figure her out and they hate it. Why does this women hunt, why is she a member of the NRA, and why does she talk like Kitty from That 70’s Show? They’ve been trying to destroy her character for months after the campaign and to no avail. Palin receives high marks from conservative women as well as Obama supporters, case in point: During her visit to Albany one Obama supporter said even though she doesn’t agree with Palin she recognizes her star power and her appeal and she was intrigued by her. You see? Now that’s an Obama supporter I can appreciate.

Palin and other strong minded and independent women on both sides won’t go willingly into the dead cold night. The male left must understand that women have a place at the table. This surprises me because the left for years touted themselves as the most tolerant, most open minded, and most vigilant for women’s causes and women’s rights. But we’re starting to see the truth. The left will fight for women, but in turn the women have to support the left’s agenda or face the guillotine. We on the right and the original left never ask such a thing in return for fighting for a women’s freedoms. You see because we appreciate what women have to say and what they have to offer, whether they be right wing, mushy middle, or left wing; women are women in our eyes. But there in lies the problem leftist men have with strong women. It has something to do with how their mothers raised them and treated them. Also, the left’s war on the family and marriage plays a role as well.

But we look to the future with confidence and assurance that this fever will lift and things will go back to normal. It’s only a matter of time when the moderates in the Democratic Party, all three of them get sick and tired of being strong armed into supporting agendas they would otherwise reject and the left wing faction of the Party will stand trial in the court of public opinion. I’d say you better call Johnny but he’s no longer with us you see. And the glove does fit, and we won’t acquit, we’re going to defeat you, all of you. I’m talking about an across the board defeat of you leftists.

What was it that Hillary said during her campaign? Never give up I think it was. Well, my advice to Ms. Prejean and Sarah Palin is never give up because that’s exactly what the left wants you to do. And as for David Letterman well, give up and proceed toward the exit stage left and go lay down old man because everything about you is tired.