How to Create a Big Tent: Burn the Tent

Well there at it again, and this time they’re telling us that in order for our party so expand the so called big tent we must in essence burn the big tent. They say a big tent must include both Newt Gingrich and Colin Powell. And on the other hand they tell us that a big tent must exclude Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh, sorry Rush and Sarah but you’re names aren’t on the list. Correct me if I’m wrong, and perhaps it’s my own misunderstandings maybe I’m just reading the smoke signals incorrectly, but in order for the GOP to become a big tent party we need not become a big tent party?

If this sounds stupid to you I agree, because this alien formula for a successful political party has my head spinning and my IQ dropping like temperatures after a thunderstorm. I tell you I just don’t understand this rationale honestly I do not. At least Joe Scarborough gets it when he says we need Rush, Newt, Sarah, and Colin Powell. But Republicans like Michelle Laxel aren’t as well, open as Morning Joe. According to Laxel Rush Limbaugh has no place in her Republican Party. And there lies the problem, no matter who you talk to inside the beltway country club they all assume that its their party. I don’t mean to suggest that it isn’t their party, but I what I’m saying is that they don’t have exclusive rights to this party. I have a say, you have a say, and so on.

The Moderates like Michelle Laxel and David Brooks, and Colin Powell have this idea that “Hey we can create a movement of our own” but the problem with moderates is that they have a not so stellar record when it comes to winning national elections. Take Gerald Ford, the lovable moderate albeit lame duck  who came to power after his moderate predecessor Richard Nixon. Then you have George H.W. Bush, the moderate former vice president who ran largely on the success of the Reagan administration. It wasn’t George H.W. Bush’s moderate political views that got him elected 1988, it was Reagan’s conservatism eight years prior that swept Bush into the White House. So if you think about it, Reagan was a three term president.

And finally John McCain, the war hero and self proclaimed Maverick for his tendency to snub the conservatives in the GOP. McCain was a moderate progressive and he still lost. He lacked clear solutions to simple problems, he recited the old guard talking points when it came to taxes and health care, he rarely if at all defended his own policies against Democratic attacks. He would look out of touch, disengaged and at one point it seemed like he would rather lose than defeat the first African American presidential candidate with a serious shot at winning. But for Sarah Palin, nearly 60 million people wouldn’t have voted for John McCain. Though some believe McCain lost moderates because of Palin. Although, did more moderates vote for Carter over Reagan in 1980? No, they became Reagan Democrats.

So this notion that we need to burn the tent in order to expand the tent is nonsensical. The idea of a big tent party at least in my point of view is a party in which Michael Savage, Mark Levin(Thank me), Sean Hannity, Bob Dole, Linda Lingle, Sarah Palin, John McCain, Barry Goldwater Jr., Glen Beck, Mike Reagan, Rush Limbaugh, Colin Powell, Newt Gingrich, Dick Cheney, and yes those Reagan Democrats are all welcome. On the other hand Charlie Crist is not welcome. Neither is Ray Lahood because those two are Democrats wolves in Republican sheep clothing. I can see Lahood’s tail busting out the back.

I consider myself a Coolidge Republican or a constitutional liberal. Personally I’m pro-life, but I would never impose government on the rights of a woman. If she so chooses to be stupid then let ye be stupid. However my personal beliefs would compel my support for restrictions that would limit the number of abortions, and gradually phase out the horrific procedure altogether. I support an emphasis on adoption, I’m not a supporter of partial birth abortions. In terms of gay marriage as a minority I don’t think gay marriage is an issue of civil rights. I oppose federal legislation on the matter and I think this issue is fine as is among the states. Not only is this way better for political reasons but its a healthy act of federalism which I am a huge support of. Federalism, the environment, and national security/foreign policy are the issues I tend to know the most about.

Our party will right itself when we stop trying to shrink it. Both sides are to blame in this action. The Conservatives much understand that we need moderates, and moderates need to stop acting like conservatives are the kissing cousins of the party. Take it from me as a former leftist progressive Marxist all hope is not lost in terms of converting lost souls. You just have to be patient and when Obama slips we move in. We can no longer target Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid, they don’t matter to the public at large. Obama is the big game, and we have to be the big game hunters.

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