Obama Doesn't Disappoint, He Pandered Again

Barack Obama’s speech at Cairo University was marketed by the media as the greatest speech given by a US president since Ronald Reagan’s “Tear Down that Wall” speech in Berlin. But Obama’s comments yesterday when he arrive in Saudi Arabia, and his failure or intent depending on how you see it to mention the goodness and the positive history of the so called “great Satan” liberating Muslims in Bosnia, Kuwait, and Iraq didn’t surprise me; nor did his jab at Israel and a call for the settlements to stop, their right to build settlements that is. Yes Barack Obama proved me right once again, the man panders and panders and panders. If one could take a step back, it’s almost as if he can’t help himself. I wonder if pandering and appeasement is the only form of diplomacy he knows.

The speech wasn’t great, he basically advertised Islam to Muslims which I don’t understand. Yesterday he said the United States could be considered one of the largest Muslim countries and that was a flat out lie and a failed attempt to win them over. We don’t have one of the largest Muslim populations, but we do have the largest Christian population and according to Hannity one of the largest Jewish populations. Why didn’t Obama mention that? I mean he had a great opportunity to share that bit of factual information with the many christian persecuting nations and Jew hating nations of the Middle East; but why didn’t he?

I can tell you why and for those of us hear who echo the soft heads in the GOP with the “respectful but disagreeable” chant, I must say you should leave the room now because I’m going to state something that is obvious to me and others; including Obama: He thinks highly of his Muslim heritage, more so than his Christian faith. Do you think he’d ever go to a Muslim university and cover a religious symbol with a black tarp? Do you think he’s go to a Muslim university and tell them that the Middle East is no longer a predominately Islamic region of the world? Yet he did cover religious symbols of Jesus Christ when he was speaking at either a church or a Catholic university I forget. When he was in Turkey he did say that America was no longer a Christian nation, even though our founding is based on Judeo-Christian values. The man can’t bring himself to acknowledge our Christian roots and that annoys me and bothers me; but doesn’t surprise me. Sure he talked about Israel’s right to exist and how the US and Israel share an unbreakable alliance, that was after he condemned Jewish settlers for building settlements in the West Bank. Oh by the way Mr. President, the Israeli people don’t trust you and neither do I.

I know this post is kind of hard on Obama seeing that he just gave this speech of course time zones are much different, but I can’t help but to rely on my gut when I hear this man. This speech will be hyped by our media, but he should have given this speech to the American people, not the Muslim world. It’s the American people who mistrust Muslims with good reason, the American people don’t want to fully embrace Islam and with good reason. Islam is one of if not the most brutal and repressive religion in the history of civilization. As a born again Christian, who traveled to Israel and prayed at that mighty wall, I side with them and no Muslim. The extremists and their puppet masters ruling with an iron fist in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Syria want to blanket this world in an Islamic Caliphate, and the so called “moderate Muslims” do nothing to stop them and they themselves appease the actions and rhetoric of the radicals.

Dick Cheney and I have one thing in common: 9/11 changed us in dramatic ways. Before that tragedy I never realize how deep the seeds of oppression and regressive world views ran within the Islamic world but that event confirmed my lack of understanding. One of my biggest fears is that America will become Great Britain. Our people living in fear of a large and influential Muslim community, our government and politicians legislating based on fear, and America adopting Sharia Law, as Great Britain considered a year ago. We must not become like the Europeans, we must hold our skepticism of Muslims because they haven’t proven otherwise. They must prove to us, not vice versa. They were the one’s who called for the extermination of Israel, their Koran preaches the merge of political and Islamic law as one in the same, not Christianity. Our Christianity gives the 0.9% of Muslims in America the right to religious freedom and some unfortunately the right to radicalize; they must be defeated by any means.

When you bring up this issue you bring out the neo-con in me. I don’t trust Muslims not because they’re Muslim but because they’re for the most part radical. Most Muslims not born and raised in America, but the ones who come to America carry with them a hatred toward Israel, hatred toward America, and hatred toward our freedoms and our culture. But of course Obama said we’re responsible for colonization. Well, ask millions of Iraqis and Muslims in Bosnia and Kuwait and let them tell you if they consider our liberating them colonization.

This issue is the defining foreign issue of the next 8 years possibly of our time. This speech I pray will not haver an effect on the American people, I know it won’t in fact because many of us were probably asleep when Obama gave this appeasement poem. The truth about Islam and its extreme teachings can be found in such books as “Why We Left Islam” which gives you the point of view by former followers of the religion. Guys you have to study history and our president decided to gloss it over with sweet words and appeasing praise. Women and children have long suffered under this so called religion of peace and the Mullahs and the dictators got what they wanted. They got an American president to be their chief advertiser. Obama stood at that Cairo university and he pleaded the case for Islam instead of pleading the case against its brutality and oppression.

If this seems anti-Muslim or anti-Obama you must excuse my passion but I will not apologize. I am a child of the living god as we all are in America and for his people the Israelites I stand and I defend unapologetically and disproportionately to the Muslims who seek their dominance and destruction. With 500-530 millions Muslims in the Middle East surrounding only 5 million Jews, tell me why do these people feel as though their voices aren’t being heard? The sentiment in the Middle East is tha there’s something wrong with us, not them. They deny their history and their own brutal acts against each other because their religion promotes these actions.

I think about B.B. Netanyahu and I feel sorry for him, he’s going to go at it alone against Iran and Obama himself said Iran has the right to nuclear power. Well we were told that white lie by the North Koreans. Is it me or are we opening another trap door here? But alas my journey and work with pro-Israel groups is never done and will never end. So I say to the people of Israel and the millions of Jews in America that makes this country among the largest Jewish nations on earth: We’ll rise and fall together, but whatever the outcome we’ll stand side by side against those who want to destroy you and divide your land into two states against your will.