Yet Another Soft Head "Expert" Giving His Two Cents on the Direction of the GOP

Jacob Weisberg of Newsweek wrote an article called “Republicanism Reimagined” he talked about a David Cameron model of the Republican Party and therefore a conservative movement modeled not after the man who proved twice the power of honest, coherent conservatism steeped in our founding values and principles, that man being the “Gipper” Ronald Reagan, but no we should instead look yet again to Europe for the cure for what ails this so called broken party.

In his piece Weisberg talked about abandoning the Gingrich era pseudo libertarianism anti-government rhetoric and to accept the social consensus on progressive taxation, action on slow climate change, and wait for it….a government role in health care. So once again these out of touch suit types with a degree in moron want us to leave our principles at the doorstep before entering the political arena. Why don’t they just come out and say it: They want the Republican Party to be a moderate party while the Democratic Party stays far left. There’s no fringe in the Democratic Party oh no, but Palin and King Rush, they’re fringe beyond belief.

What Weisberg and the other disconnected beltway class forget is that Reagan never compromised his principles, he articulated them in a clear and coherent way. This is proof the media and the politicians in DC are so entrenched in that established elitism they no longer have an idea of our founding principles or the politician alignment in the country for that matter. The country isn’t shifting leftward, for the first time in history the nation is now more pro-life(52%-44%) than it has ever been. They talk about the demographic shift from white suburban voters to black and Hispanic voters, yet those same voters who went heavily for Obama voted overwhelmingly in favor of Proposition 8. You know why? Because Hispanic voters and black voters are political and economically liberal, and socially conservative. Take that Steve Schmidt.

Black voters don’t view gay marriage as a civil right, and I’d think black voters would know a thing or two about civil rights; I’m just saying. Hispanics, the majority of whom are strident Catholics believe in the traditional definition of marriage and are strongly pro-life. My friends this idea of a shifting political sentiment and demographic shift is a blatant lie by the media. They’re living in the land of make believe and the strike down on Prop 8 in November, and the poll showing the majority of Americans being pro-life only proves that charge. We can win the day with our principles because modern liberalism, when offered to the people in true form loses every time (Mondale, McGovern, and eventually Carter), but conservatism when offered in true form wins every time (Reagan). Why do you think Democrats run pro-life, pro-gun candidates from the south and mountain west? They know conservatism wins and yet the chess game is to act like it’s outdated, out of touch with reality, and fringe. 1980 and 1984 weren’t victories for moderates, they were two decisive wins for conservatism and the media doesn’t like to admit it, or they’d simply sweep it under the rug of history.

I reject the article by Weisberg and any other analytical gut punch from the media and the so called “experts” Let me tell you Howard Fineman isn’t an expert on the GOP; he’s a kneecapping smug hack who works for a dying news outlet. And for all you religious nuts, you’re now considered the “religious-right” fringe that needs to go. You believe in that god character and we can have that in a moderate GOP. You stand for innocent life, we can’t have that no. The only issues you can stand for is global warming and poverty. Yes, those have been cherry picked as the defining issues for the evangelical right.

They want to marginalize two kinds of people in this party: The evangelical voters, and the Palin wing. They look down on the evangelical voters because they think you’re all a bunch of narrow minded bigots who don’t believe in dinosaurs or evolution. They fear the Palin wing.

I’m getting sick and tired of these one dimensional jokers in brown suits and red ties telling me what my Party should represent and whom it should pander to. The Democrats pander because the old classic liberal values of the great JFK and Harry Truman have long passed with both presidents. They even fought the era of the Clinton moderates. The fringe left has eyed the Democratic stronghold and control center for decades and now they have it, every nook and cranny. And yet, with a candidate like John McCain the self professed “Maverick” and independent mind, billions in government programs, a sympathetic immigration policy or lack thereof, a failed government prescription drug policy, and other government programs, after all the times in which this party masqueraded as a bunch of progressive Democrats, we’re still too conservative. For eight years this party was the party of McGovern, FDR, and Carter, instead of the party of Lincoln, Eisenhower, Reagan, and Coolidge.

They say the Republican identification is shrinking to about 25% more recently, yet the media fails to acknowledge the 36% who still consider themselves conservatives. They also miss the fact that Independents outnumber both Democrats and Republicans. Though some of those Independents are merely liberal Democrats without a roof over their heads.

My friends this is a charade like no other. This petty game of “Illusion” is both annoying and telling about how deep the media sits inside the pocket of the DNC.

As I said in my book “The Path of the Warrior” we will present a coherent and substantive message to the American people, we will not pander to them. If we lose the next six elections and shrink from a party of 25% to a party of only 5% so be it, because I will never relinquish my principles to any growing population because I know that population will prosper if they adopt my principles and values both economically, socially, and politically; for they are the principles of our founding. My principles are that of Dwight D. Eisenhower, my favorite president, Thomas Jefferson, U.S. Grant, and Calvin Coolidge the quiet capitalist.

FYI:Carrie Prejean=Yet another attractive conservative female. We seem to have a lot of those.