The Problem With the Republican Party

This is the last time I’m going to address this. I’m sick and tired of all these “experts” throwing their half wit opinions and suggestions around about how to fix a party they don’t belong to. Yes, they’re trying to help fix a party they don’t support. That’s like the Ku Klux Klan holding a friendly forum on desegregation in 1962. Who are all these flunkys sitting around in Washington and New York with their heads up their rear and not a brain between them. You have the Lyle Lovett look alike Roger Maddow and her equally lesbian doofus pal from Air America Ana Marie Cox ( you want me to point out the irony or do you see it?) you had little Ron Brownstains on Hard On with Chris Matthews talking about the so called “extreme wing” of the GOP that consists of Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin. Is it or is the media trying to paint the GOP as a far right entity with only 5 members and a goat draped in white sheets?

The media thinks the moderate wing of the party is conservative and the conservative wing is radical. Well now, isn’t that a distorted view of something as simple as conservatism. Yes, conservatism is a simple concept, allow me to explain: Liberty; there I explained it. But of course that old antiquated document called the constitution, no one believes in that anymore. Americans want solutions to their problems, well how about Americans provide solutions to their own damn problems; how about that? What if someone said that? Someone did say that in fact and his name was Ben Franklin. He said it in this form: “Make them uncomfortable in their poverty” now, does the media complex understand what old Ben meant by that?

Liberty and individual freedom is the eternal force for all things peaceful and prosperous in the world. When Colin Powell talks about Americans wanting more government and higher taxes the man stood in one too many clouds of napalm with his nostrils open; he just doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about. Americans by and large do not like taxes or I don’t know, they wouldn’t have voted for a man in Barack Obama who promised an evil tax cut for 95% of Americans. Why is Colin Powell allowed to speak in public when he says such idiotic things? “Americans are willing to pay more taxes for more government” Yeah Colin, and that goes for you too right? Are you willing to give up some of that public speaking dolo in the name of “American values?” Yeah I didn’t think so Colin. Sounds like Powell needs more than his colin cleansed if you ask me.

I’m a Ron Paul, Sarah Palin Republican and darn proud. I’m a libertarian when it comes to political issues and a realist when it comes to foreign policy. I don’t support the idea of America having bases in every single country or almost every single country, but I support a strong Military power with a reasonable yet assert presence in the world. You know, my dad used to say: “If a man has to hold d**k when he talks to a girl he ain’t got nothing down there” and that’s my view on American foreign policy; we know our Military might is second to none so why flex like we have something to prove? You notice second rate powers like Russia doing that because they’re too insecure to appreciate what they have which is not much in terms of Military power; which might explain the insecurity.

I believe in civil liberty and economic free markets with a strong mass production manufacturing base. I don’t believe small business is our strongest economic asset; we make things. But this pseudo couch session with the GOP is meant to mock and marginalize a party that scares Democrats when its in full effect mode. Reagan was mocked and dismissed for years by his own party and by the Democrats. Palin is going through the same thing and yet, she’s more popular than some of these shiny forehead guys like Romney who looks like he has a very bad tan, Cantor who couldn’t articulate See Spot Run, and those moderates like McCain who are so long in the tooth if they sneezed they’d poke a hole in Lucifer’s head.

The party is right where it needs to be and I would venture to guess the tone of the Democrats would be mum if they lose in such a way the Republicans did in 2006 and 2008. Could you imagine the looks of stupidity and embarrassment on the face of Chris Matthews and all these victims of child abuse and a failed public school system trying to hide their reaction to the obvious? I’ll be laughing and eating popcorn whilst the elite leftists spin around on the floor like Homer Simpson: “Whoop whoop, whoop, whoop, whoo, whoop, whoo”

Never let half wits try to tell you how unintelligent your party is, because dumb people throw stones up in the air and let the stones hit them in the heads, you know instead of throwing them at glass houses. And for those who sit on their butts while dinner is being made and run to the kitchen table with fork and knife in each hand when its finally ready, my advice to you is simple: You might want to find a place to live because there are no more vacancies in this party; sorry to be the one to tell you but I couldn’t resist.

Arlen Spector ran away from the party so fast I can still see the smoke cloud left behind by his orthopedic shoes. Colin Powell is talking out of his butt, Joe Scarborough keeps talking about temperament as if that’s such a cancer of the lung; temperament? Let me tell you something about temperament; it’s about time someone get fired about the direction this country is headed. I mean if we all just spoke softly, we’d get trampled! Thank me (Ode to the Great One)

Our temperament isn’t the problem Joe, it’s our attitude, we have a losing one. Republicans in the House look like scolded dogs walking up to that podium to say their three syllables, half the time you can’t even understand what the heck they’re saying: “Um well uh we want to work with the president but you know uh, well” I mean Mitch McConnell doesn’t even open his mouth all the way when he speaks. It is now a known fact, for every Republican statement, there is an equal opposite apology for that very statement: “I mean it’s not the president fault, it’s the Congress”, “We like Obama, it’s Nancy and Harry”. Let me give let you in on a little secret: THE PRESIDENT TELLS THEM HIS AGENDA AND THEY FOLLOW, YOU BUNCH OF SOFT HEADS! So it is Obama’s fault for peddling this slimeulus package, and trying to put the 2010 Census in the hands of Rahm Emanuel, it’s Obama’s fault for trying to close down a detention center on an Army base in Cuba without properly and coherently developing a plan for the post closure of said detention center; detainees and all. I mean for Pete’s sake does your mother blame the gun for killing that bird, or does she blame you and punish you for it?

When I saw Paul Ryan and all these guys talk about the heralded Republican alternative agenda, I knew they would screw something up and they did. You see they were missing one key component of that agenda, you want to know what it was? IT WAS THE AGENDA ITSELF! You see stuff like this hurts our party and makes us look like a bunch of fools.

But you know I go back to what Reagan said, about bold colors, this is from his “Let Them Go Their Own Way” speech in 1975:  “Since our last meeting we have been through a disastrous election. It is easy for us to be discouraged, as pundits hail that election as a repudiation of our philosophy and even as a mandate of some kind or other.” Sound familiar? Does that sound like 2008 or 1980? in 1980 Ronald Reagan’s landslide of Jimmy Carter (Reagan 44 states, Carter 6 states  and the District of Columbia) in 1980 Ronald Reagan painted the map red, redder than Satan’s skin. Reagan had 489 electoral votes to Carter’s 49. Ronald Reagan had 50% of the popular vote while Carter only had 41%. 1980 was a mandate if there ever was one. 2008 on the other hand well, let’s look at the facts shall we? Barack Obama carried 28 states to McCain’s 22, Obama had 52% of the popular vote and McCain had 45%. The map shows a split with McCain taking most of the states in the middle and Obama taking most states on the coast. Barack Obama had 365 electoral votes while McCain had 173, only 192 separated the two candidates while 440 separated Reagan and Jimmy Carter in 1980. Even in 1992, Bill Clinton had more electoral votes than Barack Obama with 370. To put this into greater perspective, George Herbert Walker Bush had less electoral votes than John McCain. Bill Clinton won more states in 1992 than Obama in the so called “Year of Obama” in 2008.

If I were to present these numbers to a leftists they would blame it on race. Here’s more from Reagan’s speech in 1975: In another recent survey, of 35,000 college and university students polled, three-fourths blame American business and industry for all of our economic and social ills. The same three-fourths think the answer is more (and virtually complete) regimentation and government control of all phases of business — including the imposition of wage and price controls. Yet, 80 percent in the same poll want less government interference in their own lives!”

There’s a parallel here that the media and the elites ignore and in their eyes for good reason. They know the fate of progressives and their programs in America. They know leftists presidents fall like lead balloons and this president is going to fall from grace. But as far the party I mean after all that is the topic of the evening, we must not forget the guiding principle of our party and I guarantee every moderate who trying to face plant the rear of Barack Obama, the media, and the Democratic Party establishment will get tramped by the oncoming herd of buffalo. It isn’t our principles that our out of step with the country, it’s that our feet are stuck in cement. Our voices are waning, our agenda when articulated is unimpressive and incoherent.

When I talk about the Path of the Warrior I do so because it stands for the journey to lift not only yourself up out of the abyss, but to provide the life you seek for your children and your spouse. The Path of the Warrior is the ongoing path to enlightened integrity and a strong bond between man, his god, his loved ones, his country, and his principles. Material wealth nor self aggrandizement have no place in the path of the warrior, because those things fade with time.

So they say we’re not inclusive, we need to attract Hispanics and African Americans. Yeah well, that’s yet another trip down irony lane coming from a party whose Senior Senator is a former Klansman, I believe he was the one eyed Klansman, they called him Grand Cyclops didn’t they? Ah yes he and old Theodore Bilbo, another Democrat in white sheets. But, we’re the party of racist old white farts who have a problem with change.