Sunday Commentary

Today, aside from being Mother’s Day, is a day when I sit by the window with a pencil in one hand, and a biography on Thomas Jefferson in the other. I’ve been reading the same biography on Jefferson for four months now and each time seems like the first; in part his views and his vision of America never gets old to me. Now, back to the issue at hand and well, there are many issues to comment on on this day honoring mothers around the country.

On talk radio the theme was “Attack the Moderates” Colin Powell was slammed by the Great One and rightfully so. Powell said the country wants more government and they’re willing to pay more taxes for more government and therefore the GOP should become well, a carbon copy of the Democratic Party. But I would ask General Powell whom I’ve lost respect for over the past few months or so if people are willing to pay more taxes for a more activist government, then why is Barack Obama pushing this 95% tax cut? Even though its not a tax cut. My take on moderates is this: You can certainly criticize the Republican party, but when doing so, it might give you a bit more credibility if you offer alternative solutions.

I would support a moderate as long as they secure the border and reign in spending. I’ve never been apart of the “Conservative or bust” crowd. I support conservatives but I honestly don’t believe there’s such a thing as a conservative. If you support the constitution you’re not a conservative, you’re a liberal. I make this argument at length in my new book “The Path of the Warrior: A Liberal Doctrine” Everyone on this website is a liberal; they may not realize it but they are.

This is my last contribution to Red State as a regular. I’ve appreciated the love from everyone and I must say I’m flattered that my diaries were recommended by so many people. I don’t consider myself a true believer in the Conservative Movement; and quite frankly I don’t consider myself a student of Reagan nor do I consider Reagan the most influential Republican in history. The most influential Republican in history is George Washington. And one could ask: Is Reagan the second most influential and second greatest Republican president in history? Well, no he isn’t. Based on historical events, principles, demeanor, and how they governed, I’d say the list is as follows: (1)Abraham Lincoln, (2)Ulysses S. Grant, (3)Calvin Coolidge, (4)Dwight Eisenhower, and then Ronald Reagan at #6. This isn’t a knock against Reagan, but a mere glimpse into history and the contribution each of these men gave to our country. For example Lincoln saved the union and freed the slaves, though most of his sentiment which compelled the Emancipation Proclamation was political. Ulysses Grant was president during the time of reconstruction and the Panic of 1873, of course Calvin Coolidge the quiet leader was president during the boom days of the Roaring Twenties, Dwight Eisenhower gave us the interstate highway system and led American forces as general during World War II, and Ronald Reagan resurrected the free market system and  defeat the Soviet Union.

I want to go back to Coolidge for a minute because one could argue and I argue this in my book, Calvin Coolidge was the father of 20th century American free market capitalism and economic conservatism. He argued for low taxes, he famously said that the business of the American people is business, and he also understood and  supported federalism as a key component in our economic structure, that is states should control state economic priorities and the federal government ought not interfere; a far cry from today’s federal power run amok.

Yes, I reflect on a lot of things this Sunday and every Sunday. I can talk issues and politics, but I can’t get involved with such topics of said discussion. You see I was going to run for mayor of Kirkwood, Missouri; but I decided against it. I was also going to run for Congress in 2014. But I realize my effectiveness as a student of history and a promoter of free market capitalism and mass production manufacturing, I’m much better served in the court of public opinion and not the land of deceit in Washington. Perhaps when I’m older I could look in that direction but for now I think its time I retire my political pen and pick up my surfboard and my bass guitar. As a 22 year old college student I’ve missed out on the life of a 22 year old college student. I traded in the joy of art and music and the waves for the wooden table at which I sit for hours talking about policy and economics.

So as we honor our mothers maybe we should honor ourselves and think a little. You know really truly think about the issues we stand for and ask ourselves why we stand for those issues. I would also advice the GOP to think long and hard about their future as well. Will the Republican party be the party of Coolidge, Lincoln, and Reagan? Or will they be the party of Nixon and Father and Son Bush? I have much respect for the father and son Bush but I’ve always thought of both of them as soft on principle. I don’t think they really had a clear cut agenda for the country. Also, you can catch me on the radio, Blog Talk radio that is starting in June. I’ll be around every morning giving you the state of the union from my perspective. One final thing, you know there’s one thing I’ve always wondered about conservatives: Do you really support the idea of a big tent party?