The Party of NO

Promoted from diaries by Dan Spencer.

“Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost.”-John Quincy Adams

The media and the Democrats call us the party of no. They say we’re standing in the way of history by opposing the president. Well, I think about the quote I pasted above and I came to the conclusion that a party that says no is a noble party, especially when that party say yes on principle. We need to wear the word “NO” on our lapels and shirts like a badge of honor. It’s not a bad thing to be the party of no; why, let’s take a look at what exactly the GOP is saying no to.

The GOP said no to a bloated, irrational spending bill and stimulus package that would cage our grandchildren in the abyss of debt and high taxation for the majority of their lifetime; not to mention expand federal power beyond it’s limitations. The GOP is saying no to a government doctor, who by its own history cannot run a program in an efficient and sustainable manner. You look at Social Security and Medicaid and how could you not say no to the idea of a universal system? The GOP said no to the idea that the White House run the 2010 Census.  They said no to the card check system which sought to take the power from the workers and place it firmly in the hands of union bosses. Yes, my party said no to a lot of things and they’re about to say no to a whole helluva lot more.

We say no to hate crime legislation that would dictate the worth of human life of some over others. Hate crime isn’t a crime against homosexuals or African Americans; when you take the life of any person, that’s a hate crime. There are no guidelines for what is or what isn’t a crime driven by hatred. Are we so disconnected from our neighbor? Has the relationship between man and his brother decayed that much? And have we so shut the coffin on the almighty that we dictate for ourselves who’s life is worth more; that’s not American, that’s not humane; it’s a perfect example of reckless judgment and power in the hands of deeply flawed people.

We say no to global warming laws that would punish capitalism and energy exploration. We say no to the Kyoto Treaty, a document that has one objective in mind and that’s to once and for all capture the sovereignty and power of America by international bureaucrats and hold it hostage. We care for this planet because we’re Christians and the good lord commanded his children to be stewards of the earth. Reason must take shape as the guiding light for any future energy plans and environmental policy. We cannot give in to the radical elements of the environmentalist movement as our friends in the Democratic Party already have; in fact they laid out the welcome mat.

We say no to the idea of politicizing science and technology as a means to vote for someone in a perticular party. We’re all in favor of science but science without a moral keeper is a kin to a nation without laws; and we’re about to have an instance of both if we don’t stand firm for liberty and the principles of “No” as the party of “No”

We must above all else say no to this president and his storm troopers in the House, and soon to be Senate. 60 will be the loneliest number because the GOP will stand together in Washington DC and oppose this American Pierre Trudeau.

The American people won’t condemn the GOP for saying no, at least the reasonable Americans won’t. The ones who still hold disdain in their hearts for the GOP and blame the GOP for every single woe in the world well, they were never open to voting for a Republican anyway so no skin off our noses. We have to build around this idea that we’re the party of “no”. We’ll eventually become the party of “yes” but we’ll say yes to a whole host of ideas that represent the country, and not certain segments. Democrats are living in the land of make believe, and their policies reflect such childish imagination. They have slave masters my friends and they believe in order to be a legitimate party you need a man, not principles. For we know all of their national figures and so called leaders have been men who believed in themselves and not a set of values and principles. Our leaders, though we’ve had very few, they believed in us and in our core values.

“Speak loud, focus, and never relinquish emotion to the emotionally driven, but defeat them with reason and reality”