Our "President" Doesn't Take Kindly to Criticism or Dissent

Watching last night’s press conference on Obama’s 100 days, or as the Great One called it the 100 days of misery. Either way you cut it I’ve become increasingly confused by this man’s behavior and his actions. Last night he said he doesn’t like big government, in fact he said he wanted a leaner government; and that the economic recession he inherited caused him to go the other way toward government activism. Well this puzzled me because his entire agenda is based on a more expansionist federal power. And during the campaign, in fact the Democratic Primary he said he wanted to create a more activist government. Now, I don’t know if he understands the word activism or activist, but the root word of those two is “act”

And activist government acts, it intervenes; so yeah you did want a bigger government with more interventionist policy toward banks and the private sector. Obama was the one who said that we must get away from the past 20 or so years of deregulation and unnecessary risk in our economy. So to say “Well I want a leaner government” the guy is still trying to act like he’s some lover of free markets and a fiscal hawk, but the man lies and he plays both ends of the field and he gets away with it.

And you have this media, not only the compliant left wingers but the graveling moderates like David Brooks and Michael Schmirconish who are desperately trying to convince themselves that Obama is this reasonable moderate. David Brooks even said that he believes Obama is  culturally conservative. And I thought to myself, “Is he nuts or just plain dumb?” Obama is the furthest thing from culturally conservative. You see what this is? They constantly invoke Reagan when they talk about Obama’s reasonable temperament and his so called “pragmatism” This guy isn’t pragmatic he’s an ideologue and he’s playing the media for fools; they’re going along with it like a girlfriend who gets off when her boyfriend hits her.

I had to sit through Charlie Rose last night and the crusty 70 year old metro sexual Al Hunt, with that dehydrated hair piece on top of his head, just fawning and gushing over how cool and smooth he is under pressure. Well, he hasn’t faced pressure yet, and the pressure his did face IE North Korea, the torture memo scandal or soon to be, he failed.

Obama is not cool under pressure because if you take that teleprompter away he sounds like Porky pig, “Uh, uh bleeb, bleeeeb, uh duh, uh, uh, well, bleeb, bleeb, uh,” I know people with tourettes syndrome who are more articulate than him.

And then you have his reaction to the tea parties. He hates it guys, he was smug at a town hall meeting in Suburban Saint Louis about the tea party protests because the guy hates dissent. All liberals hate dissent but Obama really hates dissent. When you’re told by a compliant media that you’re amazing, cool, and so smooth and intelligent 24 hours a day, when you hear criticism it knocks you back and it makes you angry. So Obama’s going to try and convince the tea party leaders to support his agenda and abandon their principles I uh I mean he’s going to try and reach common ground. This guy doesn’t understand that you cannot reach common ground with people that don’t want to support you because you’re too left wing. So basically he wants people to support him by changing their views, but god forbid he changes his own views. He also went after Fox News for the umpteenth time during that same town hall meeting. Well Obama Missouri is my second home and let me tell you, they didn’t vote for you, they didn’t boo when you mentioned Fox News because people in Missouri watch Fox News; not NBC.

This guy is a ideological arsonist. What I mean by that is he uses buzz words everywhere he goes to increase animosity and disdain for conservatives and Republicans. Remember when he talked about how the GOP and John McCain would use code words about his race and how he doesn’t look like the other presidents on our money? This bumski, as Sliwa would say, is straight out the school of Saul Alinksy and he knows the “Rules for Radicals” handbook like a priest knows the good book.

This guy and I wrote about this last spring and summer during the Democratic Primary, this guy is following every single rule in Saul Alinsky’s play book. I’m telling you he’s no cultural conservative, no fiscal hawk, no free market guy, and he hates conservatives and capitalists. I want you to look at every single policy he supported and voted for from the time he entered public office until now; you will see he’s no Reagan, he’s not even Bill Clinton. For all his hang ups and egotism at least Bubba understood the free markets and the role of government in this country.

Obama’s Voting Record from 1989-2009

If the link doesn’t work then type www.govtrack.us/congress/votes and look for Obama’s record