Three Keys To Victory: Compassion, Honesty, Connection

I’ve been thinking and reading a lot lately about the present power play from the Democrats, the country at large, and our party’s future. As a former secular Marxist I’ve developed both a sense of maturity in my awakening as a classic liberal, and a deep connection to the folks as an active humanitarian and community organizer. Yes, I am a community organizer but of a different kind, far from the ACORNS and Obama’s of the world.

Well this young community organizer has the three keys for victory in 2010 and 2012. We’ve all heard about the “compassionate” conservative, well I have compassion in a much different form than the old Bush doctrine of big government prescription drug plans or Mike Huckabee’s compassionate conservative style in Arkansas. My friends this compassionate plan is based on the most honest and most value gift you can give anyone: Opportunity. Let me explain, the first key to victory: Compassion

As liberals we must first take back the word. To be a liberal is to represent every American virtue and promise given to us by our founding fathers. Our compassion comes from our knowledge of history and our love of freedom. When it comes to issues like poverty, instead of a government program we must encourage community programs like the Matthews Dickey Boys Club, the Herbert Hoover Boys Club, and other organizations that teach, lift up, and build up the less fortunate and at risk youth in our inner cities. Government can be an after thought if we encourage community activism done the right way. Our community leaders must be non partisan, and they must also address the issue at its core, instead of placing blame on a group of people or an institution. If that institution is broken, we don’t throw money at it, we knock it down and rebuild it. For like the movie Field of Dreams suggests: “If you build it, they will come” And they will, because we have to put our hard work and dedication into community centers and Boys and Girl’s clubs around the country.

We have to articulate a message of hope, not false security with government programs. When it comes to our high school drop outs in the Hispanic and black communities, no amount of government funding will send them back to high school. So we need to encourage states to develop their own programs like trade schools, job training, and community learning centers for young adults. The problem with our education system isn’t lack of funding, but lack of dedication and the will to learn on the part of the student. So we need to better explain the prospects of college, the future that awaits our young people willing to work hard for that better tomorrow. And for those who don’t want to go to college then why force it upon them? Instead of changing the system to make college available for everyone, why not sew up that system and use those dollars to fund other facilities like again, trade schools and skilled job training? Not everyone is cut out for the classrooms of higher education. It’s okay to be a guy who works with his hands and not his mind because you’re still contributing just as much to society as the college student.

Okay so now we’re getting into the second key, which is honesty. Now honesty from government is like a prostitute with a clean STD test record. We need to restore honest government and honest politicians. The perfect solution is the term limit on elected officials. It’s not our fault most of these guys and gals have nothing else going for them but to become career politicians. If we have term limits then we create a more transparent and fluid check and balance within our government. If the president of the United States has term limits, why should a Senator who got elected in 1977 be allowed to be in Washington in 2009? Plus, term limits would encourage voting rights and accountability among the people.

We also need honesty in our economic system. I’m a free market guy, and I would argue that a free market system is more honesty than a progressive system any day. But we need to go beyond just the bubbles and trends of Wall Street. You see there lies the greed and the dishonesty behavior. If we develop a sound manufacturing and mass production sector we can depend less on Wall Street and more on Main Street without breaking Wall Street and robbing from Main Street. Less dependency on Wall Street bubbles and financial sector jobs means less bailouts at the expense of the people.

Our economy must match our values. I’m not fan of economic justice, but I’m a huge fan of fair trade. Right now the Chinese are getting fat from our hog and they don’t even have the due diligence to play by the rules. So we have to make sure we’re not being played without becoming protectionist. Our products are just as good in fact, we have better products than China because China uses slave labor to make their economy grow. Our economy is diverse and it’s large, but we need to think about the future, and the future is mass production and technology. No longer can we rely on risky bubbles and “It Might” investments. Our greatest investment must be our ability to create and innovate.

Let’s be honest about our tax system. The progressive tax code is the worst tax plan ever created. Why take from those who worked hard for their wealth? Greed is not the anthem of many but the trait of few; and we have to remember that. We can’t condemn those who are wealthy, we must look to them for ideas and motivation. Strive to become the next Bill Gates, don’t look to rob him because you’re still going to be poor.

Let’s lower taxes on every single American from top to bottom. Let’s encourage a thrift culture and slow down on our tendency to over consume. After all the idea that the American dream came in a can got us into this mess.

We need to focus on energy development that works. Solar, domestic drilling, hydrogen, fuel cell, and natural gas. Wind power isn’t plausible and must be discontinued. We must instead look to create a nuclear nation with power plants in every state within the next ten years. The single greatest weapon we have to render our enemies null and void is the oil right under our feet.

Last but not least, the connection we must make with our fellow man. Ronald Reagan said that he would like to think that there is no left or right, but an up and a down. Well, I feel the same way. I’m a classic liberal, but I’m an American first. We have to engage people on the issues they care about and avoid getting into the little fist fights with the Democrats. Let them be the party of internet smear sites, dishonest and bias media, low brow attacks on our female politicians, the party of racial fear mongering and out of the mainstream intimidation tactics. We’ll be the party of reason, connection, and dedication to the cause of not only freedom but the advance of the American dream for all people. With opportunity comes a shot a greatness, but that opportunity doesn’t guarantee greatness. In fact, would you have it any other way? For our natural born character welcomes the challenge of everyday life in pursuit of happiness.

We cannot become a nation of whiners and recliners, but a nation of doers. This ray of light that casts out all shadows of darkness among the earth must be kept lit for all time. If not then we will come to know the true meaning of despair and eventual extinction. We are the last best hope for man on this earth,and so let that man know freedom, or let him know the shackles of slavery and oppression. My friends we have to let people know we care, and that we understand their insecurities. We have to expose the Democrat lie that says only government cares for you better than your neighbor. That my friends is in direct opposition to the bible, and in direct opposition of our founding creed. So let the Democrats hang themselves, we can move forward.