They Still Don't Get It

I gotta say I’m getting tired of writing about this and explaining it to those who either through mischievous means or through pure naive perception paint this party as a dying party, or as Chris Matthews said, going the way of the Whigs. And yet Democrats don’t even know their own history. In the 1990s they controlled every aspect of government, a Democrat in the White House, Democrats in the House and Senate. When they failed to deliver, guess what? The tribe had spoken and Newt Gingrich created the Contract with America.

But who are these people who drab on and on about the so called demise of the GOP? And with Arlen Specter going the way of Benedict Arnold, who cares? I know I don’t care because if someone isn’t willing to stand for I don’t know, principles or their convictions then why should we continue to fund and house such flakes? And you have soft headed moderates like Michael Schmirconish who run around as left wing puppets for MSNBC pretending they know the true meaning of the word “republican” which they don’t but they get the air time anyway. Well Schmirconish was at it again on Hard On with Chris Matthews talking about how the party is driving him away. Schmiconish endorsed Obama last summer so I doubt he wanted to remain in the GOP.

They talk about how the GOP is becoming a regional party holding strong in the American south. Well, that’s not a bad thing in my opinion because we have to start somewhere. All this crap about how the Republicans no longer exist in the Northeast is idiotic. Michael Schmirconish and Chris Matthews kept refering to the old Republicans in the Northeast as “good Republicans” in other words Republicans who abandon principle and gravel at the feet of Democrats. So let’s call it like it is shall we? The media, which is left wing and all these so called experts who shadow as Democratic Strategists and aids to Democratic politicians basically want the Republican party to purge itself of the conservative base and in turn increase the number of moderates because they know moderates are much easier to persuade. That is what this whole thing is about, plain and darn simple.

You have the ultra left wing Democratic party and its compliant media constantly criticizing the GOP as a disconnected bunch of conservatives becoming more and more irrelevant by the hour. This is a plan to discredit the conservative movement by demoralizing all those who stand for principles and our founding so that they reconsider their stance or moderate their views. The Democrats want an opposition party on paper, but a one party rule in reality. They know the only way they can set that up is if they marginalize the conservatives because in fact they fear conservatives the most. The country by nature is moderately conservative, Democrats target younger voters and minorities because they tend to be politically left wing, dependent on government assistance, and in terms of young people, dangerously naive and gullible. The older population in contrast is more conservative, rebellious, and impatient with left wing agendas, in fact over the course of our history progressive presidents have failed.

They target the Midwest because the Midwest along with the south is the last stand for real traditional Christian values. The Midwest is still considered the bible belt but many leftists are working to change the region forever. This is a war I hope you all realize that. This isn’t about the Democrats saying, “Oh well you know we have power now let’s see if our policies work and if not then we’re gone” No no, these people have power and they plan on keeping it for a long time my friends. They are systematically shutting down regions in which they feel can turn blue any minute now. There weapons of choice: Media outlets, newspapers, the internet, Academia, they’ve used academia to get gay marriage laws passed in Iowa. Which is kind of funny because gay marriage is constantly voted out in California but in Iowa gay marriage is legal. This just shows you how well the people of California adapted to the left wing machine trying to force laws upon them. Iowa will learn and eventually wake up.

Being a conservative isn’t bad at all. Actually, if you’re a conservative you’re a liberal. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it here, we need to end this word “conservative” because there’s no such thing. If you’re a conservative that means you believe in the founding principles which are based on liberalism in its classical definition. National Security, liberty, and capitalism or “free markets” come from the liberalism philosophy. National Security means providing for the common defense, which is in the constitution. So the idea that conservatives are out of touch is bogus; we’re not out of touch. That is, if the country no longer believes in liberty, freedom, our founding constitution and principles then yes, we are deeply out of touch and I say good riddance because I would elect not to live in a country that so embraces the idea of relinquishing their freedom and values for federal gifts that come at a cost of said personal bounties.

So what if the base of the GOP is conservative, the base of the Democratic Party is left wing, so what? But there lies the hypocrisy. You see Democrats will never have to go moderate even in the face of progressive failures. But the GOP will have to go moderate because the establishment is left wing, not the country. And the fact that the media and all these hacks keep talking about this mysterious “demographic” makes me ill. What of this demographic, who despite going in large numbers for Obama voted in large numbers to strike down gay marriage in California; yes, what of this demographic?

The emerging Hispanic population in America is catholic and socially right wing. They don’t believe in abortion because taking an innocent life is a sin, and they don’t believe in gay marriage because homosexuality is a sin. As for the African Americans the same applies, they don’t support abortion and they’re just as religious if not more so than Hispanics. And homosexuality is frowned upon within black America. So again, where is this mysterious demographic? Where?

Obama was elected not because he was a left winger with some sweeping progressive agenda, but because he ran as a reasonable pragmatic centrist tax cutter, and plus people were angry at Republicans and George Bush. They thought Obama articulated a message on the economy and John McCain didn’t, they also thought Obama handled the economic meltdown better than McCain who weirdly threatened to postponed debates and his campaign so he could “assess” the economic crisis last fall. This was not a mandate by the people but a mandate forced upon the people by Obama and his left wing kneecappers.

So when they talk about the soft headed among us leaving the party let them talk’ we know the truth and we will prevail. You see our future isn’t within the gates of DC, but the fields of South Carolina and the mountains of Alaska. We need to look to our governors not our elected officials in Washington because they’ve been contaminated by fear and guilt for being a Republican. They act as if being a Republican in DC in 2009 is like being the only white guy at an all black high school in Watts circa 1981. So we won’t count on them for a coherent message. In 1979 we didn’t look to Washington for our next candidate, but to California and a man they called “the Gipper”

And what of that man who so many claimed to be like? Who so many claim to carry his mantle? It was he who said that those who aren’t willing to stand bold for our principles must go their own way. And they must, for we will determine this party’s fate; not the media or the party that seeks our destruction in the midst of their false concern for our future; which they intend to deny. We are a welcoming party, you just have to share our belief in faith, family, liberty, opportunity, and innovation, and sovereignty; over the secular views that replace all those things we hold dear with a manufactured comfort and centralized creator walking the earth instead of our almighty god who reigns in heaven above.

So yes, this is a turning point for the GOP because we now know who will stand and who will fall victim to pressure and powers that have no real use for them except to drain them of their support and toss them aside.

So I leave you with a quote that is appropriate for this moment in time: “Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost.”-John Quincy Adams