Arlen Specter: The Cover Boy For "Coward Politican Monthly April 2009 Issue"

Apparently the heat was too darn hot for Arlen Specter, so he said forget leaving the kitchen I’m going to leave the house, exit near the back door. You know it’s one thing for a politician in any party to sort of tell half truths about something they stood for, or even to forgo the truth all together. But when a politician is so riddled with guilt and lacks the ability to be accountable for his or her vote and the positions they take well that’s the high standard of cowardly deeds my friends.

Arlen Specter is a coward, I don’t think I can put it any other way. There’s no mincing words when someone does something so blatantly cowardice as to leave the party they’ve been with for many years because they can’t face down the voters for supporting a bill they knew they shouldn’t have supported. But his spineless character shot both ways. You see Specter was afraid to vote against Obama because well, Specter comes from a state in Pennsylvania that went for Obama in the general election. Not only that, Obama is the first minority president in U.S. history. Spector thought to himself: “Do I really want to go back to blue state Pennsylvania and explain to voters why I opposed a bill written by the first “African American” president?” But then the bumbling Specter failed to comprehend the gathering firestorm within his own party led by challenger Pat Toomey. So Specter’s cowardly persona manifested in the form of a party switch.

This is what I’ve talked about for months now. Republicans who are too afraid to stand for principle, and too afraid to face the conservatives within the GOP, are going to bolt; plain and simple. Specter isn’t the first and he won’t be the last. I expect  Susan Collins and Olympia Snow to ghost out the frame before the mid term elections because they know they’re going to get their clocks cleaned. But hey if a purge of the RINOS is in order then purge we must, and we will until all liberal and moderate Republicans too afraid of the their shadows and too afraid of the media and the activist left to oppose Obama and his reckless agenda are no more. We will not stand for those looking to save their own hide by playing both the infield and the outfield. Either you stand for our principles and the constitution, oppose this progressive president and his left wing Congress, or you will be ousted my friend.

So the moderates like Lindsay Graham, Suan Collins, Olympia Snow, and Ray LaHood, better look at Specter and learn a valuable lesson from his decision to high tail it out of GOP town. As for the so called leaders in the House and Senate like Mitch McConnell and Eric Cantor, who by the way I cannot stand for the life of me, your butts are no safer than those moderate bottom feeding apologists I named. Get it together