He Must Really Want To Be A One Term President

The last thing a president wants is a huge scandal during the first year of his presidency. Well, through no one’s fault but his own, Barack Obama is going to have a scandal on his hands and it will be well deserved. You know when your mom says, “Don’t touch the iron it’s hot” and you touch it anyway despite the warning from mom and the steaming iron in front of you? Well, despite a bad economy, foreign leaders trying to undermine us, and the Taliban moving in on Pakistan’s capital, our president felt it was his “civic” duty to release top secret memos from the CIA during the Bush Administration. This firestorm when it engulfs Obama and his lackeys, cannot be blamed on ol’ G Dubya

Ol G. Dubya isn’t around the be the whipping boy for the left wing media and the Obama administration. In fact I bet a few things are running through Bush’s mind right now, 1. He’s glad these memos weren’t released while he was in office, 2. He’s in Crawford right now eating biscuits and gravy and waking up at 2 in the afternoon, and 3. “Heh, heh, heh, I got the last laugh heh, heh, heh” You all remember that laugh he had right? If I were Bush I would be laughing my butt off right now because my successor’s ego is too big for his own good. The self righteousness in which Obama operates is out of this world, this guy truly believes in the idea of “Obama”

The media acts like this is some honorable persecution of the “bad” predecessor by the “good” successor. Well, with millions of Americans out of work, inflation in our near future, a huge debt increase and more to come, higher taxes on the horizon, a recession in progress, and commies telling us to drop our dollar, you know I doubt the American people are willing to side with the president on this one. I’m just saying, I would assume they’re more worried about their future than whether or not we wiped the chin of Sheik Yer Bouti  after we gave him one of those three course meals in Gitmo. Honestly, the majority of the great reasonable Americans out there could care less about the plight of an unbathed suicide bomber from Yemen.

But the left you see guys I’ve been telling people about this for a while because I used to be this way, the left doesn’t care about your human rights, they only care about the human rights of third world people. Terrorists come from third world nations like Afghanistan and Pakistan. They seem to think that our moral character shines when we appease the most evil punks on the face of the earth. Its funny, they love thy enemies, maybe they believe in god after all. Probably not, but they do believe in the overall theme which is peace for the sake of peace. This is exactly what Ronald Reagan talked about. The idea that we can charm our way to peace and into the hearts of our enemies is dangerous and stupid. Jesus said love thy enemies yes, but he also said he brings the sword.

And if I here someone on Fox call these appeasers liberals I’m going to flip out. These people are liberals, they’re leftists. I’m a liberal, they aren’t.