Turning the Page from Conservative Foreign Policy, or Lack There Of

When conservatives like the Great One and Sean Hannity harp on Obama for shaking Hugo Chavez’s hand, bowing to the Saudi King, and making nice or at least trying to make nice with the Iranians, I agree, that’s not the way to go about asserting yourself and what you stand for. And yes, Obama is an appeaser and he’s very much the weak non leader I suspected he was back during the Democratic Primary when Hillary Clinton would constantly refer to his foreign policy agendas as naive and dangerous.

But let’s be real for a second, shall we? Mark Levin said if we get hit, there’s going to be blood on Obama’s hands. Well, I say sure, that’s correct but there’s been blood on the hands of conservatives and leftists alike for years; and quite frankly I’m sick and tired of it.

My beef with conservatives right now is this self righteous attitude toward Obama’s appeasement foreign policy. Lest we forget Ronald Reagan traded weapons for hostages, Rumsfeld shook hands with a known dictator and murderer Saddam Hussein. You see I don’t much like Lawrence O’Donnell but he’s right when he said that conservatives have selective memory loss when it comes to how they’ve dealt with evil countries. Kristin Powers, not a mean woman but a left wing apologist, brought up a great question on the Sean Hannity radio show: Why are things different with China? Do conservatives think China is our pal, our buddy? Why are we kissing commie China rear, but oh Hugo Chavez and Daniel Ortega, they’re bad.

Have we forgotten the worst human rights record in the world belongs to none other than the Red Chinese? The constant cyber spying is being conducted by Chinese hackers hired by the Communist government? China’s rejection and criticism of what they call “western style democracy” Their brutal one child laws. Do you have any idea what happens to the child that broke the law on the simple fact that  he or she was born? They take her from his or her parents and they’re gassed or they suffocate the child. But oh know see, we’re not going to bring that to anyone’s attention over there because we’re China’s b*tch now, with them owning our debt and all. George Bush let China run wild with the trade agreements, did he once stop and think, “you know what, I don’t trust these communists. While I’m trying to defeat terrorism, I might want to keep an eye on the commies.” But no, he signed away American manufacturing power and we’re stuck with unemployment and a trade debt that is among the largest in history.

Leftists like Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama are in the wrong, I’m not debating that fact. I’m merely trying to say to my conservative friends here and elsewhere, we aren’t any better. We may not appease, but we sure as heck don’t confront these two bit dictators like Hu Jintao and King Abdullah. The nerve we have palling around with the Saudis as if they share our values. As much as Reagan preached the values and principles of our founding, of our conservatism, god knows he failed to mention that when the Saudis sent their “yes” men here for weapons in exchange for oil.

This selective condemnation has to stop or we will so badly blur the line between friend and adversary because we would have made our adversaries our business partners. America’s business is business, as one of my heroes Calvin Coolidge said; but America isn’t a business, we’re a nation and a great one. We have a moral code second to none and far superior than that of a Saudi King, who persecutes Christians and enslaves women behind the veil of sharia law. We have a moral obligation to promote freedom and liberty, that message is far greater than any Communist vision of China. China is not our friend, they’re out to end our domination as the lone superpower in the world. If you think China will hesitate if given the chance to end our economic and Military superiority, you’re not only ignorant but you’re dangerously naive.

I’ve said it before and I’ve written about it in detail for college: There will be a second Cold War, and it won’t be the Russians versus the United States; it’s going to be China versus the United States. China got a taste   of world power and they want more, they’re hell bent on becoming a superpower and dominating force in Asia. They’ve already declared control over the South China sea, they brutalize Tibetan monks, and they harass and threaten our dear ally Taiwan on a daily basis. You can hear it in the voices of their own people. Many Chinese believe it’s their turn to be the most influential and powerful nation on earth. I was watching World News on PBS, and the host reads blogs from people around the world. Well, he read blog postings from Chinese students and what not. One of them said, among a slew of comments criticizing the United States, “It’s only a matter of time before we have conflict between the United States and China”

We need to look ourselves in the mirror when it comes to our foreign policy. Obama might be an appeaser, but he didn’t start this incoherent approach to the world and its leaders. We are a great nation with a lot of promise. We’re still young, we’re among the youngest countries in the world, and perhaps you could attribute that to our tendency to do dumb things, as we all know youthfulness can cause stupidity. But sooner or later we’re going to have to decide on whether or not we’re going to put evil in the evil’s basket and deal with evil as a whole. China, Venezuela, Syria, Iran, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, all share one common thread: Evil.

I’m a student of history, and when I left the Democrats and the progressive movement I became a follower and student of a president who I consider one of my heroes, and that’s Thomas Jefferson. Among my presidential heroes: Calvin Coolidge, George Washington, Dwight Eisenhower, Ulysses Grant, Jefferson is my favorite because he’s one of the most reasonable presidents and thinkers we’ve ever had in this country. jefferson, at first glance looks like a lanky leftist, but the man believed in guns, god, and a little bloody revolt now and then. He was by today’s standards a radical. But Jefferson was more than anything, a realist. And though I reject his views on Native American acculturation, I support his views of the world. Jefferson understood evil, for he saw it face to face when the British controlled the colonies.

These are the issues I believe in. I’m not a corporate conservative like Hannity and Rush Limbaugh. These guys ignore the lop sided trade agreements with China, they tout small business as the be all of American economic growth, and they have disdain I believe for the manufacturing sector because of labor uinions. Well I’m different, I support union workers and rights to organize, I support manufacturing and I’ve often talked about how we need to reject a small business oriented economy and get back to a mass production economy with a small business sector, but mass production being the main component. We don’t have anymore because Reagan said small business was the future. Well if small business is the future, then our future won’t be as bright as it was during our days of manufacturing and mass production. We don’t build anything anymore and you all know it, Rush knows it, and Hannity knows it. I am, as I’ve always been, an activist. I’m a libertarian activist and the issues I fight for and believe in are sort of outside the conservative club, I realize that.

We have to reexamine how we approach the world. It starts here at home, with our economy, and it will spread throughout into our foreign policy. We can’t claim on one hand to be the moral guiding light in the world, and on the other hand look the other way while we receive oil from the Saudis, who I might add house terrorists and some of the terrorists involved with 9/11 were from Saudi Arabia; and the Saudis knew that by the way. We cannot claim to love Israel so, and then turn our heads while the Iranian Nazi Ahmadenijad spews his anti-Semitic propaganda in front of the United Nations. How can we call ourselves the moral guiding light of the world, when our ally Taiwan is threatened and provoked by the Red Chinese? We won’t say anything of course, because the Chinese hold our debt and we’re afraid of them. That’s right I said it, we’re afraid of China because each and every time they seem to get one over on us. Whether it’s those unfair trade deals they duped Bush into signing, hacking into our computers and stealing our defense plans, or openly pushing for the end of the dollar and our own treasury secretary agreeing with them and not having the cannons to utterly reject that nonsense. We cannot be the moral guiding light if we continue to bend over backwards to these regressive nations who haven’t gotten over the fact that a new world superpower has emerged out of the ash heaps of their old world empires.

Our founding has to be the guide in which we chart the next course in our future, or they’ll be no future, or at least one in rapid decline.