I'm Going to Defend Obama

I’m going to do something I’ve done only four times since he came on the scene, I’m going to defend Barack Obama. At the Summit of the Americas Barack Obama was made a fool of by Hugo Chavez and Daniel Ortega. Mr. Ortega went full charge for fifty minutes disrespecting and smearing out country as a “tyrannical power” Mr. Chavez, not to be out done by his communist brother-in-arms shook hands with Barack Obama and handed him a book about the exploitations of Latin America by western powers. Now, normally I would call Obama weak, stupid, and a pansy for allowing these two 4 feet tall socialist dictators to mock him, but I’m going to defend what I see as a genuine world view. Obama is a true believer in this idea that America is on the same level as some of the most brutal and repressive countries in the world. He believes exactly what the Russian Minister Lavrov wanted him to believe, that America is a leader among equals, instead of the morally superior lone superpower leading the world with our values as well as our Military and economic might.

This explains the constant pander to leaders around the globe, the response or lack there of to the arrest of an Iranian-American journalist held in Iran, the two Korean-American journalists held in North Korea awaiting sentencing, and the lack of a strong response to the North Korea missile test. Obama is weak yes, so perhaps I just went back on my word, but what happened in Latin America over the weekend wasn’t his fault. Daniel Ortega and Hugo Chavez planned this whole thing. I felt so sorry for him because he was sitting there while all these like minded Latin American leaders, except for President Uribe of Colombia, laughed and made fun of Barack after Hugo Chavez handed him that trash of a book as a so called gift. That wasn’t a gift, it was an insult. It’s like handing someone you dislike a letter telling him how much you think he sucks.

This was a ploy to make Obama look bad and it worked. Obama has my sympathy because I don’t think he was expecting this to go down. I think when Obama goes to summits and meets with these subhuman leaders he assumes goodwill is going to be showered upon him, but sadly that is not the case. There are many out in the world who want to make the most powerful leader on the planet look like the most weak figure on the planet. The Iranians did the same thing to Carter, Putin did the same thing to Bush, and now Ortega, Chavez, and Ahmadenijad are doing the same to Obama.

The press can parse and defend him all they want, I’m defending him now, but this was too obvious to miss Barack, you have to be more aware of who you talk to and what their intentions are. Latin America, with the exception of our Colombian friends is increasingly anti-American, anti-capitalist, and anti-democratic. What you have is a nationalist movement sweeping the Americas and it will only spread further, my worry is it will ultimately spread into Mexico. The worst thing we can have is a close neighbor becoming a nationalist, anti-American, state.

So, I’m going to let Obama’s obvious lack of understanding slide because I truly believe he had no idea this was going to happen to him. I can tell by the look on his face when Chavez gave him that book, he wasn’t too happy and he felt embarassed.