Time To Educate Ms. Gurofalo

Well, you know I used to be a leftist, and I used to think like them of course. But since my re-awaking you could say, I’ve often challenged and utterly destroyed every single argument and charge the left throws at my new found conservative brothers and sisters. You see, more than a conservative can do to win an argument against a committed leftist, a former lefty can do ten fold. So today I’m going to educate, and then desecrate yet another drone: Ms. Janeane Gurofalo is the latest talking head for George Soros caught with her foot in her mouth and lacking the coherent understanding of our history. So, allow me to teach the class:

According to Ms. Gurofalo, you tax day tea protesters are nothing but a bunch of far right racist redneck cavemen. You know nothing about the constitution, taxation without representation, or the Boston Tea Party and it’s protest against British Imperialism. Oh, and you all hate children because you won’t give them health care.

Oh Ms. Gurofalo with your failed radio show on the failed Air America network, your failed career as an actress, and your failed career as a “smart” comedian. You have no clue outside the San Francisco penthouse. It’s a shame really, because I feel so sorry for the little failure because she just can’t make things work for the life of her. Now she’s trying to be an intellectual on social and political issues but, no one takes her serious, not even her own left wing support group. So I’m going to say this about the tea parties because Ms. Gurofalo doesn’t understand the broader concept of these protests.

You see Janeane, these people who you called “racists” weren’t just protesting higher taxes, they were protesting spending, big government, and the fiscal homicide committed by both the Bush administration and the Obama administration. But I suppose you didn’t pick up on that well, with all the distorted information crammed in your brain, so much so it blocks sound from entering the ear. Despite what the media says and you’ve been brainwashed with Ms. Gurofalo, those 95% of all Americans will see a tax hike. You see, there’s something out there called Cap and Trade and the Obama is a huge fan. Cap and Trade is a system that will tax carbon usage. So as they implement this system modeled after the one in Europe, it will raise the tax on electricity. Now, I don’t know about you, but I suppose 95% of Americans use electricity; unless their all tree hugging granola munchers from Berkeley, which I doubt.

So let’s recap shall we? Cap and Trade will increase the tax on electricity, which will raise the price because it will target coal and oil companies. And well, where do you think our energy comes from? Oil doesn’t just fuel our cars Ms. Gurofalo, it also heats our homes, and lights our lamps. You can’t read Mein Kampf without evil oil lighting up that lamp in your one bedroom penthouse in San Francisco.

Moving on……

As for this slight about not knowing the history of America or what the Boston Tea Party was all about. Again, the failure at absolutely everything gets it wrong. Gosh I feel so bad because she literally fails at everything she does, even her knowledge of history. The Boston Tea Party was a protest concerning taxation without representation yes, but it went much further beyond the unreasonable taxation by the British Empire on our tea and other products. The Boston Tea Party was a direct protest of the British Government. Let me repeat that, the Boston Tea Party was a direct protest of the BRITISH GOVERNMENT. Now that was taken directly from Wikipedia’s definition of the Boston Tea Party. I use Wikipedia often as my source for information and I can tell you it’s accurate 100% of the time.

Now they did protest the Tea Act which taxes citizens without a representative in the government. But, if you want to go that route we can because the Congress is trying to pass a law that would give the District of Columbia a congressman or woman. That’s unconstitutional as the great document states: Representation must come from the states. Again, I’ll repeat that for those who deny history and facts altogether: The constitution says: Representation must come from the states. Last time I checked the District of Columbia isn’t a state, it’s our nation’s capital. But who am I to cite the facts as they are and not how I wish for them to appear?

You know leftists believe in this idea that the constitution no longer applies to our world because things are far too different from 200 years ago. Well I argue that our constitution prevents things from getting out of hand and also protects citizens and states against any future infringement on their liberty and any threat to erode federalism. Now they’re calling Rick Perry a wacko for this so called secession talk. But what Rick Perry talked about was the importance of protecting states’ rights. Our constitution stresses the importance of federalism but I guess leftists don’t believe in federalism and they don’t. Leftists believe that a centralized power has the right to impose any mandate or law upon states that are apart of that centralized body. For instance leftists view government as the cell body, which controls individual cells. Well federalism begs to differ and so do I.

And you’ll notice I’m calling them “leftists” I refuse to refer to such anti-American and unconstitutional people as liberals because the word liberal means the total opposite of this madness. To be a liberal is to and I quote from Wikipedia: Classic liberalism is a doctrine stressing individual freedom, free markets, and limited government. This includes the importance of human rationality, individual property rights, natural rights, the protection of civil liberties, individual freedom from restraint, equality under the law, constitutional limitation of government, free markets, and a gold standard to place fiscal constraints on government. If you still don’t believe me after all this information accuracy and all, then look it up yourself on Wikipedia.

John Locke, Ludwig Von Mises, they all believed in this idea of liberalism. Our founding fathers modeled our constitution and their own world view on the writings of Adam Smith and Voltaire, and others who believed in the divine rights of man. You cannot tell me this represents the group we have today, marching in lockstep to some of the most brutal and irrationally dangerous teachings and beliefs of some of the most misguided men who walked the earth. Karl Marx wasn’t a believer in liberty, some of the most tyrannical dictatorships were lead by modern progressives. Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, Joseph Stalin, the Marxist regime of Nicaragua, the Marxist regime of Afghanistan, and lest we forget that dark empire which sought the spread of communism and Marxism across the western hemisphere, I speak of the Soviet Union.

So I go back to my overall point, and these words from Ronald Reagan only confirm my argument: “It’s not that our liberal friends are ignorant, it’s that they know too much that isn’t so” We own the intellectual and historical argument guys, not them. They rely on something that is not of this world because to comprehend their talking points and by doing so agree, you have to have just gotten here from a distant planet somewhere within the cosmos. Black, white, Hispanic, and whomever felt so passionate as to protest against this misbegotten government activism, it wasn’t about the color of our skin but the color of the flag we wave proud and the document we abide by. So to Ms. Gurofalo and others who want to disregard this example of American spirit and patriotism, go right ahead. We’ll protest and you’ll whine about our protest, while claiming we whine in the form of protest.

Now our left wing friends love the word democracy. They say America is a democracy that we must ensure its preservation. Well, again they have history backwards. Our founding fathers, for example one of them James Madison sought to never create a pure democracy but instead a republic. Madison said this about pure democracy and I quote: “common passion or interest will, in almost every case, be felt by a majority of the whole…and there is nothing to check the inducements to sacrifice the weaker party” The founding fathers understood that a constitutional republic ensures the individual rights of man far more than a democracy would because democracies can be corrupt, destructive, and utterly destroyed by those who seek to curtail it’s innocent intentions at its inception. You still with me?

So leftists are wrong when they say America is a democracy. We’re a constitutional republic, look it up folks. I could go into the link between peace throughout the world an classic liberalism because Adam Smith believed that when unleashed and unshackled the individual will prevent the outbreak of war because the free market will defuse any idea of protectionism and socialism. He believed the entrepreneurial spirit should be encouraged, not condemned or punished. Sound familiar? Who so punishes and condemns success than a modern leftist in today’s society?

Now I know amongst like minds such as yourselves I’m stating the obvious, but I felt it was important to draw the parallel between the distorted and outright dishonest lie of the left, and the noble, divine, and honest arguement of those who believed in the virtue of man and his right to liberty. I’m starting a campaign to take back the word “liberal” and to end the word conservative. You see I believe that a conservative is a liberal. Why do we call ourselves conservatives if we believe in classic liberalism? We’re liberals, so let’s take the word back from those who are not.