Today like any other day I grab the latest headline and I analyze the news. Well, today I’ve also analyzed my life both what I do for such grass root movements like Red State, and that of which deals with friends and family. I’ve come to the conclusion that the weight of concern for my country and her people serve more as the culprit behind my stress and utter pessimism at this moment in time more than a lightening rod and driving force behind the need to impose once again the will of principles and values. And for those reasons I will formally end my time at Red State because I just can’t continue to plead the case for political action all the while ignoring social and cultural awareness.

I want to talk to you about leadership. Each of us are leaders, some more than others and well, there are the few who were placed at said position at the time of their birth. Throughout our history, we’ve witnessed great men both rise to the challenge and defeat it, and others who fallen under the weight and pressure of expectation and by the hand of their own agenda, fate came calling. My friends today the age old question or what now seems like the age old question: “Where are the Republican leaders?” Now headlines as the media talking point.

Must we remind them of the fact: Republicans don’t follow a leader, we don’t wait for orders, we act. We aren’t Democrats who need a moral and spiritual leader because their own self worth and security lies not in their faith in god or themselves but faith in a politician who can sweep them off their feet with rhetoric. Throughout our party’s history we have not towed the line, we have not marched in lockstep with a so called leader. We’ve only supported those who represent our values, that’s not following the leader or getting caught up in the cult of personality. But again I ask, what does that tell you about the opposition? Why, our liberal friends are so used to being led around by the hand they expect us all to abide by that same expectation. But we know better don’t we?

And so the term leader must not flow from our lips when we ask questions concerning this party. Instead our question must target the following: Who represents our values? who shares our principles? and who adheres to the sort? The answer is you, and me, and the rest of us who view this as more than a party, it’s an idea. Liberal Conservatism is an idea that knows no time constraint or fading trend. Yes, these ideas we share are eternal, both in meaning and symbolism. For they spell two hundred years from the first footstep out of darkness created by a British Empire to the last into the light of a free and sovereign nation whose independence declared so long ago, still remains.

So ask me who the leader of this great party is and I’ll point my finger in your direction. What makes us great is what keeps us together even in this time when yes, we might hold refuge in the woods, ever gazing in the direction of that shining city, now run by the Democrats. Our call to greatness will come again. But I warn as a final message among many in my addresses to you and in this one, do not sleep, or surely you will miss the war. This war of ideas that were sparked by an era of free expression and establishment, who clashed on the very natures of our society. That war my friends, despite what the media has told you didn’t end with Barack Obama’s election no, it simply took on a whole new meaning.

Our ideas are still that of a timeless virtue, that I know for sure will go on within the continuation of time. Every last one of you here has a purpose and is a leader. So you must find it within yourselves to guide the torch through the cave and into the valley where freedom resides. And when they ask you once more, who the leader of this party is then politely smile and nod, and respond: We all are, all of us here with love in our heart for our fellow man, and the peace of mind to know that liberty, freedom, independence, and peace are not to be compromised in the war room of politicians, but forever sacred in the eternal bond between man and his creator.

Remember that the media and the opposition seek to prod you and annoy you when they ask of our leader and where they may rise. But we can turn that sarcasm with one remark: “For what will become of the masses, who do not move unless given orders from their masters in suit and tie, for the words of that master be the reason for their existence on this earth. So that master can serve their every want and need, but never to alarm the masses in which follow him, that such power granted will enslave them all, mind, body, and soul. What then?”

John Quincy Adams said “Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost.” We in the Republican Party shall never vote for a leader but for principle because we know leaders fail, they’re imperfect, but principles never fade, never waiver, never die.