Standing for Truth, Standing For Principle

Well now, like most of you I’m taken a back yet not surprised at the recent news coming from the Department of Homeland Security. Instead of going after the real terrorists who seek our destruction no matter our partisan preference,  Janet Napolitano and the Department are going after those who they’ve rendered “right wing” extremists. The guidelines to which this witch hunt be conducted are as follows, this is not an over exaggeration on my part: If you have a Ron Paul bumper sticker on your car, you support a single issue like pro-life, if you’re a federalist,  and the most tragically irresponsible guideline of them all: if you are a soldier returning from the ash heaps of war in Iraq or Afghanistan. Well we now know the face of an extremist, an American one.

Many of you may know a radical I surely do, a bunch of them as a matter of fact, they’re called the founding fathers. Yes, the founding fathers who fought and died for the exact things the Department of Homeland Security and this administration mean to use as a guideline for their own political witch hunt. They say if you believe that federal powers not step on the toes of state and local government, you may be a right wing extremist. So in other words if you believe in federalism you’re a threat to federalism. If you believe that human life is sacred and that you should bare the voice in honor of that life which cannot speak, then somehow you’re a right wing terrorist. So again, in other words if you believe in the preservation of human life, you believe in taking lives. My friends this is backwards but nonetheless I’m compelled to humor these irrational leaders in Washington, so humor I shall and while I’m at it, I’ll educate them on the constitution and our founding.

Now, before he became president Barack Obama was talking about change we can believe in. Yet I wonder who among us is asking if this is authoritarianism we can believe in. Are the millions of Americans who voted emotion and want instead of principle willing to ask if this is authoritarianism they can believe in? Well why not, you voted for it. But there lies the problem with our electorate, they’re too lax on principle and too supportive of the state. They say you only have as much as the next man, and those who have less want both of what the two men possess. Well, during this election those in the Appalachians and the so called “independent” among us wanted something they weren’t willing to work for, and they got it. But I doubt they wanted this, an all powerful state so bold and brash in its actions as to suggest now, after 200 years of it being so, federalism is now the red flag waving in the hand of a domestic terrorist.

But what of those who know better? Will we teach the ones who fell for the parlor trick? Must we charter back to our founding? Or should we chastise those who should have known of our history in the first place? Well if you want my opinion, I say we do both. We must ensure that our fellow American not fall for the trick the government devil played on them: “That a government too big doesn’t exist” We must resort to our founding for the answer to this problem as it were, as it has been for the past eight years. John Quincy Adams, a great American and forefather said “May our country be always successful, but whether successful or otherwise, always right.” And I tell you what’s going on under our very noses isn’t right, and it’s unconstitutional.

However, let’s not relegate this outrage to the Department of Homeland Security. Just days before Senator Schumer of New York state boasted about the end of traditional values and strong foreign policy, I believe he called them Republican platforms. Now, I was taken back by this as you were, but again I’m not surprised. The modern liberal has always held in his heart the disdain for the constitution, because it so limited the power of his maker, the state. And it gave recognition to his enemy, an almighty god that granted the right to hate him so. There’s no convincing a modern liberal that the constitution is just, and that within its borders and between the lines written, are the sacred oaths of men who perished seeing that our liberty be set in stone.

As for educating the left, hear me with one ear turned, but hear me you will. Our constitution grants man the gift of liberty from his creator. If you so choose to impose on him, a state powerful enough to override such divine presence, then perhaps you believe in god after all, because you are him. And to those among us in America who were willing to vote away their rights piece by piece, I wonder, will those same people cede their freedoms to the state, due to a lack of self confidence and self worth? If so, these unalienable rights are nothing of the sort, and there is no god; and we’ve been told the greatest lie in the history of civilization.

Time has given us many things and among them a scroll which to read the events of our past. Our past tells us of nations and empires who throughout time cracked and crumbled under the pressure of centralized power. You cannot give me one prime example of a positive outcome due to federal domination over the people. Even our British friends are telling us, “stop, you’re about to come to a dead end, this you cannot maintain; because we’ve tried for years and look at us, we’re falling by the wayside.”

Yes, look to history as your guide, it will tell you more about your future than your present tells you. I feel the ghosts of Jefferson and Lincoln, and Washington walking among the living, looking at our country today and saddened at the sight. All they sought to gain is now but a vessel for bureaucrats and socialists looking to fill it with justification for their agenda in order to create a Utopian society. And the people who claimed to believe in something different, what of them? Talking on a radio is not merely enough to halt this march to totalitarianism, we must strike at the heart of a liberal argument and that is the emotion in which they base every single issue. Everything has to do with feeling good, feeling good? Let me tell you, I’d rather feel the pain and discomfort of the struggle to prosper in life than the gas that makes me feel good just before I’m put to death.

And if you’re still not convinced by my words then, it’s settled you can feel good and let not your heart be troubled by the prospects of an unfair world. But in that agreement between the lethargic and feeble minds and his government, be forewarned, the world in its unfair treatment of man may crush the spirit, but the iron fist of centralized power crushes bone. Although, a crushed spirit eventually heals itself through self examination and religious experiences; but what heals broken bone? Well, perhaps socialized medicine and a government doctor.

We must hold such wisdom, “Government is best which governs the least, because its people discipline themselves”, “and that the price of freedom is eternal vigilance” close to our hearts or we’ll lose the very essence of this republic. I’m not an intellectual mind and I don’t claim to be, I’m simply someone who believes in that enternal vigilance Thomas Jefferson spoke of that defined the American people. I once talked about the ax of truth and integrity, but what of the shield of freedom? Will that too hold in the face of this marching army toward the constitution, utterly intent on wiping from our minds the history of the nation. Will we stand against this, or wil we relinquish all that our founding fathers fought for? Thank you