A Recovering Economy Helps Republicans, Not Obama and the Democrats

Jobless claims dipped a bit over the week, housing sales rose, and the stock market had a pretty good month so far. It seems like the economy is starting to see a turn around, albeit a slow one; and some are still predicting an unemployment rate that will continue to rise from now until 2010. But a recovering economy will help the ones who less expect. The Republicans will benefit from the recovering economy because that will no longer be the focus of the nation. Whenever catastrophic events fade away, the more long term issues dominate the nation’s psyche.

After all you must ask yourselves: Why did Obama and the Democrats try so hard to push all these agendas through? They know full well once the recession ends and the country focuses on something else, they don’t want their agenda to take center stage.

An agenda that included card check, the closing of Guantanamo and the possible domestic haven for detainees in American prisons and quite possibly having them set free right in our neighborhoods. Increasing taxes, universal health care which the majority of Americans oppose, and the current appeasement of our adversaries on the world stage. You see the administration knew they had to jam allof this down our throats during a time when the nation was distracted by economic turmoil. Of course we want the president to succeed in turning our economy around, who wouldn’t? But when the economy recovers, then we’ll see how much support the president has on the more left wing issues.

But Obama is smart in that he knows he needs to increase his approval and popularity before this recession ends. I believe the reason for being so doom and gloom early on was to garner that support because the economy looked bad, and was getting worse or so he said. But when we get to the more social issues, issues Republicans win on every single year it seems, how much support will Obama and the Democrats have? We’ve seen a little push back from the country on his decision to end a ban on foreign aid on those getting abortions overseas, and also on his Guantanamo policy. Other than that there’s been little to no movement on the social issues.

The Republicans need not act right now, let the economy recover and then move to capitalize on the coming backlash. Mark my words a blacklash will come when the country realizes the kind of out of the mainstream agenda this president seeks to impose on them. Card check and Guantanamo are just appetizers. Wait until you see what we’re having for dinner.