Why Did Obama Snub Israel?

Why didn’t Obama meet PM-elect B.B. Netanyahu during his trip to the Middle East? And why is he so obsessed with meeting the approval of the Muslims yet apparently he’s not so concerned about our relationship with our most sacred ally in the world aside from Great Britain. I see a pattern here and I gotta tell ya I’m not so sure the Israelis see it different. I think the Israelis are starting to put the pieces together that Barack Obama’s not going to put forth the effort to reassure our holy alliance with the Jewish state. In fact, I believe the only relationship that will suffer as a result of all this pathetic appeasement is our relationship with Israel.

I don’t think Barack Obama understands the alliance between Israel and the United States. A man who attended a church for twenty years with a pastor who constantly preached anti-Semitic and anti-American garbage has no understanding of the relationship between Israel and the United States. Well I’m going to educate Mr. Obama:

The United States is the only ally Israel has in the world. We’re the only nation they trust with their lives and the lives of their children. We’re the only nation willing to stand up to that crime syndicate called the United Nations, who we house and fund by the way. Why we don’t dismantle the UN or leave is beyond me, call it a willingness to increase the power of the UN by the Obama administration. But anyway, Israel looks to us as a big brother to protect them from a massive anti-Semitic region in the world. Imagine this: You’re the big brother and you have a little brother. You two walk down to the basketball court and there’s maybe 9 guys playing ball at both ends. They’re playing very aggressive ball and they’re much taller and stronger than your little brother. So you leave for a minute, and all of the sudden your little brother is surrounded by nine huge aggressive basketball players. Well, Israel, a nation of 50 million is surrounded by 530 million Muslims. 530 million Muslims that hate their very existence and want them dead by any means possible. 530 millions Muslims our president appeased while snubbing Israel. This isn’t the first time he stuck the middle finger in the face of the Israelis. He also authorized 900 million dollars in aid for the Palestinians.  What about the children and innocent bystanders injured and killed by Hamas rockets? He also has a history of hanging around anti-Semitic figures such as Bill Ayers, Reverend Wright, and former PLO spokesman Rashid Khalidi.

And yet the Jewish vote in America went largely to Barack Obama in the general election. I take it American jews, who largely abandon their faith and become more left wing lack a clear understanding of their people and where they come from. Israel is not just some run of the mill ally in some far away land. Israel is a sacred ally that we vow to protect because they are a special people. I think more special and sacred than the Americans and the Brits are the Israelis. So when our president picks and chooses his disses, we need to pay attention and we need to be concerned. Obama is going to forge an alliance with the Muslim world at the expense of Israel. You watch