Boom, Boom, Goes the Drum

Guess what, we’re a bunch of right-wing wackos. And another thing, Michelle Bachmann is our trailer trash small town nutty whore. Well, pardon the usage of the word whore but according to failed  host and Chris Matthews drummer monkey David Schuster, the right wing, small in numbers as we may be, is becoming more and more violent and we’re the cause of all the rising civil unrest in this country.

Well I guess Mr. Schuster, who looks like a tanner slightly less talented Jimmy Kimmel, more like a Jimmy Kimmel stunt man or his out of work younger brother, I guess Mr. Schuster failed to realize that you know what? The country is afraid and pissed off. Not because of Glen Beck or Dr. Savage or Rush Limbaugh, but because they see a president and his regime, and yes I call them a regime, moving in with a quickness to gobble every constitutional right known to man.

But what’s the issue here boys and ghouls? The issue is not us, it’s not the Great One or Sean Hannity, the issue is clear: The Right is waking up, and shocking! The silent majority is right wing and right leaning. Now, I don’t know where these fools get these so called polls showing the country’ support for Obama is on the increase, but I just read a report that in fact Obama has become the most polarizing president in American history. Again, it’s all our fault, as expected. It’s our fault that Barack Obama tried to shove card check down the throats of workers, it’s our fault Obama is essentially taking this country back to September 1st, 2001, it’s our fault Barack Obama wants to engulf us under this socialist umbrella. No, I’d say it’s our fault he’s president. We didn’t have the right candidate, the right message, or the right platform.

The media sees this crowd approaching the Bastille and they’re trying to pass us off as a bunch of right wing skin head yahoos who are small in both mental capacity and population. But little do they know, they spew the half truths and distortions to the same exact people every night. Do they honestly think independents or blue collar workers in Alabama and Missouri watch them every night? No no, you see the people they duped into thinking Obama shared their values, those folks listen to Rush, and Dr. Savage, and Bill O’Reilly, and Sliwa.

My friends we know the mind of a leftist. They want us to give them an excuse to end talk radio forever controlling or just outright silencing opposition in this country. We all know the arguments they make against Michelle Bachmann and Glen Beck. They say they’re dangerous, unhinged, a threat to democracy, and they could put Barack Obama in danger.

Well, I take it the man who tried to stab Obama in Istanbul must be an avid listener of Mr. Beck, though I highly doubt it. But I wouldn’t be surprised if the media tried to make it seem that way. You know, MSNBC is a very bad network with very bad hosts, and very low ratings. The network is propped up by Media Matters and GE. If not for those two institutions MSNBC as we know it would be no more. So why do I give them the time of day? I do so because the real wackos and irrational types such as Schmuckster and Keith Olbermann puke this kind of left wing paranoia all the time. Keith Olbermann was the one who constantly smeared George Bush as a Nazi, the left would accuse the Bush administration of creating a police state all the time. Yet, because Barack Obama is president well, we all have to be supportive and fair.

The victories in 2010 and in 2012 will be so satisfying I can’t even begin to tell you. These lackeys and their left wing crew will go down in history, and that’s the only way you’ll hear of them, in the throws of history because after we get done sweeping the landscape in 2010, 12 the left is done.

Let me tell you about fascism if you mind? Fascism comes from modern liberalism. Don’t believe the lie that conservatives or neo-cons are fascists, it’s just not true. Hitler, Stalin, Lenin, Wilson(as in Woodrow) they all had something in common. Yes, that’s right, they were modern liberal progressives and yes, they were fascists. Some more than others, certainly Woodrow Wilson wasn’t a full blown fascists but he was the closest thing we’ve had to American fascism and thank god we haven’t had another Woodrow Wilson in this country. Oh shoot, I spoke to soon.

Tomorrow I will write an article on the parrallels between Barack Obama and Woodrow Wilson.