A World Without Nuclear Arms, Is A World Where Evil Willingly Surrenders All Ambitions

Over in Europe Barack Obama told the the Europeans what Europeans themselves believe in: He plans to rid the world of nuclear weapons. Although, both sides seem to forget actually ridding the world of nuclear weapons, something easier said than done.

Look, I’m not a pessimistic person at all, but I am a realist. During the Democratic Primary fellow Hillary Supporters and I were constantly smeared with the label “pessimist” or we were told that we’re derailing the dream because of our more realistic view of the world and events that have or will shape the world in the future. Obama supporters would often knee cap our perspective as more doom and gloom than hope and change. But perhaps our realism, and the fact that we were right was the motivation behind the Obama supporters’ anger. Maybe they know deep down that Obama’s rosy vision of a Utopian world order is neither realistic nor plausible. But I can’t fault them for such blind faith, after all many young people living in their own self centered bubble are to the extreme of Obama in terms of this “One love” fantasy. They believe, more strongly than Obama, that we must somehow achieve peace for peace’s sake. But we adults or reasonable young people know that peace is something created through the ashes of evil and tyranny.

In World War II peace came about through the fall of Nazi Germany and the liberation of Europe. During the Iraq war, peace is being realize for the first time in the history of the country. We’ve seen peace come about when others said it would not be. But I would venture to ask, if peace through strength would never work, as they so proclaimed, what makes them thing peace through peace will work? In fact, it hasn’t, and the prior has, although for not as long as we would like; but nothing’s perfect. And maybe that’s the point that needs to driven home to Barack Obama, Europe, and his loyal supporters here at home: You cannot create a perfect system of any type, not a perfect peace, perfect society, perfect economic equality, nothing. But what you can do is progress toward a more sustainable world without the threat of tyranny and evil. But you do so by ensuring the cost of oppression and violence will be one no authoritarian government should learn. And another thing, those nuclear weapons Obama’s so quick to get rid of ended WWII.

Again, perhaps Obama should spend more time with his nose in a history book, instead of having it burried deep inside the butt crack of the Europeans. Just a thought.

Obama must realize that Russia, China, North Korea, and eventually Iran are opposites of the United States when it comes to nuclear weapons. You see those nations seek to use nuclear weaponary as a way to bully smaller less power neighbors, we use our nukes only when it circumstances call for  quick and deadly action. We’ve only had to use our nukes once, and we haven’t used one in god knows how long. But those four nations I mentioned, they aren’t as reasonable as we are. Those nations well, they lack a steady hand on the tiller. So one must ask themselves: “Will they actually give up their nuclear arsenal because an American president so kindly and naively asks them to?” “When they can simply hold on to a few as we draw our arsenal down to the point where the balance of nuclear deterant power shifts from North America to Eastern Europe and Asia, possible to the Middle East as well?”