Stop Apologizing for America's Very Existence

You know, one of the worst qualities one can have is the need to apologize for everything. To me that signals a sense that a person lacks a clear coherent world view, in short, their more likely to turn the other way when adversaries partake in acts of provocation than they are to halt those actions. At a town hall meeting in France Barack Obama played the role of apologist. He apologized for what he called “America’s arrogance” toward our European allies. Now, correct me if I’m wrong but since when did standing up to terrorism and rogue nations, at the behest of your allies who despite getting hit more often and harder than us would simply play the “see no evil, hear no evil” game when it comes to terrorism and radical Islam?

Lest the Europeans forget some 76 years ago a man by the name of Adolf Hitler came to power in Germany, and from then on he sought the domination of the entire continent of Europe; and almost succeeded in doing so. But if not for the United States, without a doubt every European right now would be speaking German instead of their individual native tongue. And so we fast forward to the 1980s, when U.S. president Ronald Wilson Reagan, despite being labeled as a war monger by American media outlets and journalists, stood up to the Soviet Union and drew the line in the sand. Reagan didn’t apologize for his world view, or his enduring support of liberty and freedom for all people. Obama is essentially apologizing for America’s very existence.

You see America was founded on the idea that free men could strive to be the very best, and achieve great things in life, without the shadow of a foreign empire or centralized federal power blocking out the sun. Our very nature is to defend our values and our principles and to promote freedom around the world. Now we call that heroic and just, some call that arrogance. I guess it depends on who you ask. So why don’t we ask the Georgians, the Czechs, the Ukrainians, the Iraqis, the Armenians, the Africans, the Israelis, the Afghans, and others who were given freedom for the price of not their blood, but the blood and tears of the American Military. They will see their sons and daughters free and in peace, thanks to ours who gave their lives for a cause greater than themselves.

So no, I don’t call that arrogance or derisiveness, I call that heroism, I call that defending truth and justice wherever it may be threatened by totalitarianism and tyranny. We cannot apologize for the defeat of tyrannies and dictatorships. I don’t care what the French have to say about it, of all people surely they appreciate the sacrifice of the American Military; who liberated Paris from the Nazis during World War II. But why remind them of such events, it’s only their freedom, it’s only their lives that were at stake when Hitler’s Nazism spread across Europe.

But again, Obama’s not one who understands history, because he doesn’t appreciate America. He’s more in line with the world view, or lack there of, of the Europeans. So what can we do to remind our “president” that America, despite our mistakes and yes we all make mistakes, America isn’t immune to mistakes nor are we the only country that makes mistakes, but despite all of that, and despite this empty suit elite from South Chicago playing president, we’re still the last best hope on earth.

And for that, I will not apologize.