America: 1776-2009

Our children and grandchildren will read about the two most important economic events in the history of America. The first being the Great Depression, the G20 Summit of 2009 being the second. Today, our economic freedom and independence was handed over to European bodies and international bureaucracies. I never thought I would witness a time when an American president would willingly forfeit our free market system to international economic law, one which threatened the sovereignty of our nation. Despite such dangerous deeds our president Barack Obama proceeded with this contract that reeked of appeasement to European and Asian leaders.

I will not be surprised if this causes a decline in American economic strength within a matter of five years. Furthermore the march toward a one world government is no longer the stuff of biblical revelation or myth, but the actions of those in the European Union and Asian continent who seek to drag America down with them, to level the playing field. The only success that rose from the meeting in London was a successful transition of power from free nations to a centralized international system that will forcefully regulate every economy around the world. The leaders of the 20 richest nations also agreed to provide power to international bodies to punish nations who threaten global economic turmoil. This is wrong, it’s unjust, but it’s not like our president at all to reject this march toward a global Marxist machine.

But why stop there? First our consumption got out of control, we borrowed from communists and spent money we didn’t have, then we stopped making things and we became a “now” nation. And what has been the end result? An America in decline, our economy riddled with outdated ideas and a lack of innovative direction, not to mention the erosion of our manufacturing muscle. I have said in many articles and speeches that America will be the death of America. Not some international system, but our willingness to submit ourselves to that system without reason. Well, all of the above are now a reality.

Every book written on the age of America will tell of our historic rise through the age of Hitler and the fall of the Soviet Union, but it will also talk of our fall, as a sovereign nation whose free market capitalist system was the envy and influence of the entire world. As I watched the news of the G20 Summit and the agreements that came about, I thought to myself: Things will never be the same, there going to be much worse, because now America belongs not to its people, but to the rest of the world.