Reengage the Masses

I know in the past few days or so I’ve been on a different rail entirely, off the reservation if you will. But for this I know all to well the dangers and misconceptions of the two platforms I wish to discuss in length with you today, my last post as an active member of Red State. For I have realized that my deep connection with online conservative groups and causes created a disconnect with the people both personally and those who seek my opinion on the matter of social and political issues. For this reason I must cede the keyboard to like minds and pick up the mantle of activist and defender of principles and truth.

But I will not leave without educating you all on the reality of this so called Utopian idea that health care be given to the people by a government body free of charge. Only the politicians and the snake oil salesman embedded in their constituencies fail to relay that in fact the charge is your freedom, and perhaps if that is something you’re willing to bid a due, then yes universal health care is in fact free of charge. But let’s dissect this matter and decide for ourselves, if this mechanical system of socialized medicine belong in our nation’s make up. When you hear the Democrats and the feeble minds scattered throughout the Republican party talk about covering every man woman and child in a way that both cut costs and provide the people with the same standard of health care they receive as members of Congress and the Senate, we must first ask them the solid question, for instance historical fact that shows universal health coverage works, not perfect but works in a substantial way, then we must ask if a person’s choice is more vital to the health care debate. And for those who believe in a woman’s right to choose, I venture to say that you’re contradicting your entire argument when you tell us that a woman can choose to end the life of an innocent child but citizens aren’t allowed the freedom to choose their own health care, something that saves lifes.

But we all know the agenda of the modern liberal. Their means to an end is a euro style health system that even European countries now realize it cannot be maintained. Why a few days ago Daniel Hannan a member of the European Parliament urged the United States not to adopt the failed policies and practices of the British and French social medicine system. I don’t know about you but I tend to learn from those who have experienced things first hand, despite the conventional wisdom to go about learning experiences in an arrogant and aloof manner. We can do it better they say, this is America, people deserve health care they cry, but we as constitutionalists and individuals must combat the talking points and emotional ploys with this lone argument: “This is America, where free men and women have alienable rights, and that no government system may infringe nor suppress those god given rights, for that is what we truly deserve.”

So when we present the facts they twist theirs, when we argue they call us evil and accuse us of having cold hearts and deaf ear to the plight of lower income Americans, or single mothers who cannot afford health care for her or her child. But we know that is utterly false and it robs the debate of intellect and a true path to a consensus view on health care reform. We care about the child without health care, and the single mother. But we also understand that a government provides no more sympathy to those who go without, and that federal bodies are equally out of touch with average citizens as the wealthy and the elite among us who advocate government control of our lives.

As Conservatives and classic liberals we must turn the debate back to principle. We must relay a message to the public that at stake is not only their health, god forbid, but also their freedom, and that one or the other, or one for the other is not an option. The government isn’t a negotiator and we aren’t hostages, so we will not act as such. Let me now give you the facts about this flawed fantasy: In Great Britain the Health Board, the body that oversees the universal health care system recently stopped providing vital life prolonging drugs to breast cancer patients and patients with an advanced stage of cancer. This comes as the board seeks to cut rising costs. Even here in America the socialized medicine system was tried in California to no avail, and the golden state almost went bankrupt because of that dangerous experiment. But no, we can do it better they chant from Washington. Even after one of our own tried it and failed? Even after someone from Great Britain warned us? This isn’t persistence, this is arrogant denial at its utmost degree. But be aware they will try to use distorted health care stories, exploit those who tragically fell through the cracks, and create propaganda to implement this system in the United States.

I end this topic by saying the measure of success is not how perfect something is because we all know perfection is an unrealistic virtue, but instead success lies in how well the system will run, and the overall well being of the people it serves. Government run health care serves not the people nor the overall means to its end. It only serves the politicians who have a nanny state mentality. And the service is power, nothing else.

Now the next and last issue I want to discuss is energy. Both sides proclaim this as one of the most if not the most defining issue of the 21st. But I ask, if this is such a monumental issue, then shouldn’t approach this with intelligent, reasonable ideas instead of nonsensical solutions such as cap and trade, government controlled land, and bands on domestic oil production? You would think so but then the media would call you a neo-con neanderthal living by torch fire in a damp cave. But we all who’s on the wrong side of this issue. In order to successfully ween ourselves off foreign produced oil we must explore our own oil reserves, which by the way are larger than Saudi oil reserves, which are the largest in the world. But don’t tell that to the environmental groups who keep one hand working the strings that control their favorite politicians and the other holding us back from true innovative energy policy, instead we must engage the reasonable among us who actually drive cars and travel far to work. Al Gore never had it so good as to when he decided to create mass hysteria over an issue that most scientists today are starting to reject as unfounded pseudo-science. Even then, after those who’s expertise in geological study have come to the conclusion that man made global warming is a fraud, and that if global warming is real certainly man is not capable of creating dramatic shifts in climate pattern, and that it must be a natural occurrence. I predict that in five to ten years we’ll have so deepened our addiction to overseas oil the course for change will have faded. The Russians, the Venezuelans, and the middle eastern countries share a wish to see America weakened by our dependency on their oil. Right now Venezuela control the oil that heat American homes, and they’ve threatened to cut off that oil and have continued to do so as political manipulation. If this doesn’t sound the alarm for smart energy policy then we’re destined to be slaves to a socialist country that hates us, while living in a socialist country that claims it must control our lives and our land because it loves us.

If the French get the majority of their energy from nuclear power then why is President Obama oppose to any nuclear plant development? If this complete denial of reality becomes the norm in America we’re all doomed and we better pull out the sweaters and mittens. But I’ve come to realize that modern progressives lack the understanding of the people. The cap and trade system and the mandate on corn based ethonal production hurts working class families, not help them. You cannot force people to stop using oil and natural gas by taxing them into submission. In the UK people protest the government for trying to increase taxes on oil and natural gas, why on earth would we try it? Don’t you see the effects of what others have tried? Only a blind man or an arrogant man fails to see what is going on in front of him. Which of these can you say our president represents? Corn based ethanol mandates caused the price of wheat and corn to rise, which caused the overall price of food to increase in the last two years. This again, policies that other nations have tried to no avail, and to think we can try these same failed solutions only creates a wider problem within the same problem. We’re still a heavily depended country when it comes to foreign produced oil, but only one thing has change, the cost of food and the taxes on our gas have increased to dramatic and unsustainable margins.

Yes my dear friends Ronald Reagan was correct when he said there was a time for choosing. Now is our time to choose whether or not we’ll continue to live in a country that justifies less freedom and less liberty in the name of the state. Or we must choose to live in a country that promotes the pursuit, not the garauntee of hapiness. All people, from the most illiterate to the most privilege has a shot at greatness in America. Equal the right, not neccessarily the outcome. And to those odds I gladly accept over any government garauntee that secures one thing, and that’s forever being in debt to federal powers. That is something I’m not willing to forgo, but who am I to reject such a bounty, its only my freedom I value most.