I Told You Red Staters I was Right, And I Am

I don’t know what it will take to show my brothers and sisters in arms here at Red State that our only chance to halt this march to socialism is through Sarah Palin. Trust me on this, I’ve written about her since her 2007 interview with Glen Beck. She is, though the campaign has long since been over, a serious threat to decades of liberalism in America. Now, I don’t give two squats of hoot what you so called conservative minds have to say about the woman, she scares the left, and I venture to say, she has a lot of you shaken because she shakes up the right wing establishment that many of you have grown accustomed to.

On Hardball David Corn of Mother Jones Magazine and Lois Romano of the Washington Decompose seem to have this condescending reaction to the speech in Alaska where Sarah Palin talked about how she had no one to pray with in the McCain campaign. They passed her off as some out of this world alien who, omg! still prays to a higher power. I mean, know one prays anymore, at least no one inside the beltway.

But like Chris Matthews said, Palin knows she’s being underestimated by her own party and by the left. And I ask, if this woman is so dumb, and so empty headed, then why is there a knee jerk reaction to her very existence? Why does the left pounce on command whenever she’s doing something in Alaska? Why is the left spending millions going after her for bogus ethics violations? They’re doing it because they are scared to death of this little forty something year old woman. But in that little frame is a big heart and a link to the past. She represents the principles of our founding, of our very nature as Americans. We all know the left long abandoned the principles of classic liberalism for a more euro style modern progressivism. When they see a woman who isn’t bitter, who doesn’t hate men, who never used her femininity as a means to an end or a weapon of choice, that’s a slap in the face of the most destructive and failed movement in human history, the feminist movement.

They know, and they understand what’s going on out there in what they call “the land of isolation” Places like Alaska, Utah, North and South Dakota, where people aren’t blessed with high priced cars and a VIP pass to the biggest dinner parties in DC and New York. Those folks are nothing like Barack Obama, and exactly like Sarah Palin; and the left gets angry at the very thought of this hockey mom moving in on their turf. But she doesn’t use code words or identity politics, and she doesn’t wage class warfare to get their vote. All she has to do is talk, and instantly they realize she’s one of them. She speaks the language of a majority that has long been forgotten and exploited by Democrats.

I don’t know about any of you but I’m ready to commit. I’ve gotten together with former Hillary supporters and libertarians and we’re forming a Pro-Palin group that we hope will gain millions of members by 2012. I’m telling we get it, we know she’s our only chance to end this assault on free markets, capitalism, and our liberty. For all of you too afraid to get on board because of whatever reason, either you join us or you’ll get hit by the bullet train baby.