Double Standards, Even Amongst Fellow True Believers

Now, my Sarah Palin or pro-Palin whatever you want to call it, my strident support of Palin article got hit with fire from those on Red State who cautiously warned of an Obama like fawn of the Palinator, and those who out right blasted me as a troll and some menace lefty trying to make trouble. First of all I take offense to the later. I am not a troll, if you read my history of posts I sound more in tune with the founding principles than anyone on this website. Second of all, don’t ever accuse me of trying to sabotage our movement. I bring a lot to this fight and using left wing tactics isn’t going to help us succeed in the future. Now, I find the double standard to be reminiscent of the campaign days when I would argue facts against leftists and their talking points. They would throw up these double standard walls whenever I would present a valid point. My point in the Sarah Palin post was simply this: She has the potential to end the progressive movement for good. Now, if I said she’s the one like Neo I apologize, poor choice of words.

But what I’m struck by is this double standard guys. Now, no one dare call out a Ronald Reagan supporter who fawns and displays Reagan as if he were god. No one said anything about the Republican candidates constantly trying to “out Reagan” each other. No one says a word when Sean Hannity goes on and on about Ronald Reagan, how Rush and Laura Ingram go on and on about Ronald Reagan. But how funny when I write one, count em on post about Sarah Palin people act like I’m some Palin drone. I was skeptical of her when she first came on the scene when Glen Beck interviewed her in 2007, but I read about her and I started to support where she was coming from.

Does that make me some Sarah zombie? No, but god forbid I support the Republican who actually understands people and has a message that is authentic and not put on like say Mitt Romney. But that’s why I like Sarah Palin, she’s not Romney, or Rudy Giuliani, hell she’s much more real and basic. I’m tired of Wall Street Republicans who live in this disconnected bubble. I mean Republicans say Democrats are out of touch but the same could be said for them as well.

I’m not trying to stir up trouble, I’m just trying to get the point across that a new breed of conservativism is in order. Out with the old Wall Street Republicanism from the 80s and 90s, and in with the more small town rural grass root libertarianism that Sarah Palin brings.