Alaska's Left Trying to Stop the Palinator, That's Like Trying to Stop a Bullet Train with Your VW Bug

The best the left has to offer in Alaska has filed numerous ethics violations against Alaska governor Sarah “The Palinator” Palin. It’s gotten to the point where her legal fees are millions of dollars, and she has to set up a fund to pay them off. Well, well, well, isn’t fear grand? You know, I’ve never seen a level of terror and hatred like this before. Republicans weren’t even this hateful toward Bubba, and they hated him for a long time, until now where many show a new found respect because of his wife and how she ran her presidential campaign against Karl Marx. But that aside, this is just insane and it really shows you how low the left is willing to sink just to stop this woman from doing damage, as in ending the progressive movement for good.

Yes, that’s right, Sarah Palin is the only Republican who can end the progressive movement in America forever. If she were to run in 2012 and defeat Barack Obama left wing ideology will go the way of the dinosaur and the woolly mammoth. Here’s a woman who’s far beyond the beltway elite and the establishment in both parties. She’s not a Romney republican from the corporate boardroom. She’s Mike Huckabee in a skirt and quirky glasses. Her husband Todd is a union member, she’s not of that Wall Street world that has long plagued the Republican Party since the era of Reaganomics. I think there are many conservatives our there who hate her and fear her as much as the leftists in the Democrat Party. You see the Palinator won’t play ball with the suits and the yuppies as say a Mitt Romney would, because Romney is a corporate guy. That’s why I believe if Romney is the GOP candidate he will lose and lose big, even if Obama’s first term is a complete disaster. You see people don’t want Marxism but they sure as hell don’t want corporate staples either, and Mitt looks like the guy who fired your dad last week.

But Sarah puts an end to all the established influences in Washington. She is change, she’s much more than a governor or a potential candidate for the presidency, she’s America’s forgotten self. Sarah Palin represents people who eat in diners, work the night shift and have trouble paying bills. Sarah Palin is the only one who truly understands the silent majority because she is the silent governor. So the left can play their little parlor tricks but they won’t work because this pit bull in a skirt is destined for greatness, she’s destined for the presidency. Sure I sound like I’m in the tank for Palin and I am as a matter fo fact, but I’m not a journalist so it’s okay. But do you fault my praise of this woman? She’s everything you would want in a gal and she’s possesses a Teddy Roosevelt like spunk and toughness that would make the old wrangler proud. I mean beauty and brains, she reminds me of the girl in high school who would walk down the hall way with her wavy hair, every time you saw her the world would slow down; okay enough drooling, back to the argument.

Bottom line Sarah Palin scares a lot of people on both sides and that’s good. It’s about time the establishment knows real fear. The only thing bipartisan in DC is the level of corruption and disconnect. By the way I have “Pit Bull in a Skirt” and “The Palinator” tees on my radio show website. What can I say, I’m a capitalist.