Michelle Bachmann Shouldn't Be Allowed to Drive A Car

Well, according to Rolling Stone writer and possessor of a really large head Matt Taibb on Hardball the other day. Chris Matthews asked Michelle Bernard and the big head Taibb about Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann’s comments during an interview on the Sean Hannity radio show about the recent comments from Doogey Houser S.T. Tim Geithner about the China’s governor calling for a one world currency to replace the dollar. Now, Bachmann has become a target for MSNBC, as they’ve tried to paint her as some whistle blowing alarmist nut job, but even more concerning about Congresswoman Bachmann’s role of Paulette Revere, is the conventional wisdom created and spread by a compliant media that constitutionalists, individualists, libertarians, conservatives, and principles, yes principles are somehow crazy or radical.

So that’s how far we’ve gone from our founding. Our founding is in fact, radical and an insane application to the country in which it founded. Hmm, sounds like bs but I guess the media can spin any irrational notion and make it seem well, rational. Now Michelle Bernard lied on camera, just so you know. She said the White House, the FED chair Ben Bernanke, and Geithner dismissed and oppose this idea of a one world currency. But what Michelle Bernard forgot to mention is this little thing called the facts. Geithner stated during his hearing in front of congress that he appreciates the Chinese governor’s view on economics and that he would be open to the idea of a global currency(all you end of days alarmists get ready). So Michelle Bernard lied and no one called her on it of course. But I will, and I just did.

So Michelle Bachmann isn’t a wing nut, but instead a rider of the storm trying to alert the public of the move toward a global socialist state. Daniel Hannan aside, and he’s my new hero by the way, his voice nor Mrs. Bachmann’s will stop Barack Obama and Tim Geithner from singing on to this ultra breakdown(not to be mistaken for Dragonforce’s new album Ultra Beatdown) of American sovereignty. I talk about this in my book the Path of the Warrior. The media is compliant like none I’ve ever seen since the Soviet Union. Even in Venezuela where you have a media extension for Hugo Chavez, at least they’re somewhat critical at times. Our media on the other hand, is neither reporting facts nor attempting to be the watch dog it was created to be.

This is a complete and utter confiscation of the freedom of press rights in America. When you have a media that hides, distorts, and plays a partisan role in the name of a one sided agenda, essentially that body is suppressing  our freedom of press and eventually our democratic system.

So I say kudos to Michelle Bachmann for I don’t know, trying to fight for our principles. Something to left has proven they no little if anythign about. Guys, this is the media machine at work. In totalitarian societies you have a media that redicules and stifles opposition so the system or political machine they support isn’t devalued or challenged. They know we’re coming, and we’re bringing the ax and the constitution, and they’re trying to shut us down before we reach the capital.