Look to Each Other, Not to Those who Render our Principles Insignificant and Obsolete

Look to each other as the guiding light for our principles. There are those we often look to who simply dismiss our values as narrow minded and neanderthal, old fashioned or regressive. But to those in the loud weak minority who will forever apologize to leftists for classic liberalism’s very existence, I do not sympathize with thee, although I find it rather unfortunate, that you will appease the left for all of your days. But I will never apologize nor explain away my principles. I cannot apologize for freedom and I will fight to defend such a bounty. And you here, and your friends and your family must not apologize for your principles.

We’re at war with some who believe government is the will of the people. We hold a different view: Freedom is the will of the people, and government is the single most threatening force to freedom in the history of civilization. We’re stewards of liberty and for that we do not compromise what we stand for. We have to engage and defeat, and then restore order to this nation. For too long our government’s appetite for power has gotten out of control, and if left unattended it will devour our constitution and our way of life.

But do not look to Republicans in Washington DC to lead us through the dark ages no, look to each other for the spark that will ignite a movement across this land. They don’t get it, none of them do, and we can’t allow our trust to lie in the hands of people who would sell their own mothers up the river for an extra vote. Yes, the power lies within us, not them. We are the sole holders of destiny and reason, we can take this country back from the left. We can, and we will, you mark my words.

We’re going to assess our intellectual arsenal and attack, swift and accurate; the left won’t know what hit em’. We’re going to take back every branch of government, and replace every bureaucracy and every nonsensical government program. We don’t need more government and more dollars spent, we need common sense and truth to reign supreme. But there will be an army of complaint drones who will march to quell our movement. They’ve been craving power for the last eight years and they won’t give it up to a few million liberals, oh no.

They’ll use every media outlet, propaganda tool to spread the word that we must be stopped and silenced forever. First its talk radio, then Red State, then Town hall, and all our news organizations and publications. The leftist army won’t stop until every voice of dissent has faded into the night air.

But we all know they can’t silence us. We have the constitution, the framers, and the truth on our side. And with a little help from the almighty who gave us these alienable rights, we will win. We will win, we will win.