True Conservatism from a Liberal Point of View

Long before the throws of an ideological war, there was a battle for freedom, and liberty. Simple men who, in the day time had hoe in hand, pushed plows, and tended to crop, gathered in the dead of night to prepare for the birth of a nation, a nation in which those men would declare be conceived in the womb of alienable rights and the rule of law. And that those rights shall not dolled nor suppressed by any entity that proclaims itself morally and spiritually superior to almighty god. Those same men whose vision for a country with endless possible means to create one’s bounty stood strong against an empire and its king.

The greatest single gift any human on earth can receive is the gift of freedom. But it was not conservatism that reminded us of this fact, but liberalism. The word liberal means liberty, to appreciate and to understand that no government no matter how large in scale can blanket free people with an alternative to something as divine and precious as liberty. That free men, from the most illiterate of us, to the most privileged and educated can prosper to endless avail. Yet in America today the idea of self worth is now foreign, it is politically incorrect. It is blasphemous to say that government stay out of our lives and know its role. I will say again, as I’ve been saying for the past two years, I do not desire government, you should not desire government. Freedom is my vehicle to whatever destination I wish to go. Do we need to remind the silent majority who voted for big government that freedom lost is tyranny gained? That freedom be the divine shield crafted by the almighty himself, that no federal weapon can penetrate, and that that shield rusts not, but shines and defeats all forms of dark tyranny and dictatorships that imprison mankind.

When voters went to the polls they voted want, they voted need, not principle. And it was John Quincy Adams who said firmly: “Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost.” Indeed we’ve lost our grip on who we are as a nation in terms of our rights and our liberty. We’re walking right into the hands of power hungry Senators and Congressional leaders who have long since rendered the constitution an antiquated artifact.

But there is hope, people are starting to wake up from there malaise. And that’s when we’lls pread the word that liberty and freedom is the only true way to grow both economically, morally, and spiritually as a nation.