Why America is Bad for America(And the World)

“America, with the same voice which spoke herself into existence as a nation, proclaimed to mankind the inextinguishable rights of human nature, as the only lawful foundations of government.”-John Quincy Adams

“The American continents . . . are henceforth not to be considered as subjects for future colonization by any European powers.”-James Monroe

When you’re an alcoholic or a drug abuser what are you doing? You’re killing yourself no? Albeit you’re killing yourself slowly, you’re still killing yourself. Well, I’ve been studying three core foundations of the United States: Military, Government, and Culture. And I must say in terms of all three foundations we’re slowly killing ourselves and the world. And if we don’t reign in the reckless tendencies we’re looking at a sharp decline in American power, culture, and government credibility around the world and here at home.

Once upon a time the United States was more than a large land mass in North America. It was, at one time more than just Military superiority, economic superiority. America at one point or another used to be the world’s cultural, creative, and moral leader. But as I study history going back to the constitution and the revolutionary war and through the Industrial Revolution, one question remains in my head: Does America make anything anymore?

We’ve become in effect, a lethargic, non producing, arms dealing, greedy nation, whose sole economic fix relied more on Wall Street and “get rich quick” bubbles than on our birth right, which is mass production and innovation. We’ve allowed an increase of the middle class and income per household to fuel our consumer addiction, which led to one of many leaves to fall from the economic tree of life. We spent more on things than on things we need. We used credit cards like toilet paper, and that toilet paper was worth more than those credit cards after we maxed them out.

Our children were given the keys to the kingdom without remorse or responsibility. The question: “How are we to pay for all of this?” was replaced by:” Will that be Cash or credit?” It got to the point where people were buying homes they couldn’t afford, knowingly couldn’t afford, and we just consumed, and consumed, and consumed. We’re 5% of the world’s population yet we managed to consume more than the world in a matter of years. Not so much decades or centuries, but years. That’s problematic as we now see the average home value dip lower than a stripper on a pole.

Our manufacturing spirit burned for 150 years but now it’s barely staying lit. We haven’t made a television in this country for 35 years or more. Our cars are foreign made, our electronics are from Japan and Korea, we purchase everything China makes like we’re some drone like army of shopaholics, and the products from China are either tainted with some deadly chemical, improperly put together, or both, and we still buy them.

Our government is no better. Every agency outside of the Armed Forces is failing. Our president runs around like he’s still campaigning, our Congress is drunk with political power, the Republicans are scared to stand up for the country, our rights and liberties are shrinking by the hour, and oh by the way, we’re spending money we don’t have and leaving the debt to children who haven’t been born yet.

If we do not look ourselves in the mirror soon we will look back on the era of America and smile, then shed a tear. We’ll shed that tear as both a homage to our once great nation but also for the mourning of a once great nation now fallen from grace. This country, no matter your ideological view, partisan preference, nor level of affection has simply fallen from the upper peaks of moral and cultural superiority. We must get back to being in the America business, or America as we know and love her will cease to be America. I will continue to preach and promote fair trade, an end to arms dealing from American weapons companies, free market capitalism, libertarian government, a sustained defense budget, independence from the UN, a cease in diplomatic ties with Russia and China, and the closing of Chinese markets in the US.

Borders, Language, and Culture

Will you stand for those three principles?

I advice everyone here to read George Washington’s Farewell Address. The man knew what was coming and he was right. He feared America would slowly lose its independence and its sovereignty to foreign influence and he was right.