Dear Mr. President: A Letter From the People

Dear President Obama,

You lack integrity of the highest order to serve in Washington as this nation’s 44th president. It was said by a man with great integrity and leadership George Washington once said that “few men have virtue to withstand the highest bidder”. Today I watched as David Gregory reported the latest debacle in Washington and the anger overwhelmed me as such that my chest started to hurt and my body overcome with warmth, compelled me to write you this letter as a representative of the people and their sentiment toward your lack of leadership and coherent direction for the country. Simple put sir you are an incompetent celebrity obsessed with large crowds of ditto heads screaming your name and fainting at the very sight of you. You need constant reassurance from people who agree with you anyway. It’s as if you have your own army of yes men drones. Well we the people of reasonable mind and body are not drones, we’re mad as hell and damn if we won’t express the nature of discontent. We the people love freedom, we don’t love you. We the people love free market capitalism and self reliance, we do not desire government.

So as you run off the LA to seek that ever guiding sense of self importance we’ll be here without jobs continuing to shell out money we don’t have so that you can create the largest expansion of federal power since the Great Society. But I must assure you that we the people will rise and defeat you, it must be so because we hold truth over your dishonest, disingenuous agenda. We are the ones who will unseat this power grab and kick you and your Congressional doom troopers out on your asses. You must excuse my use of language but as you can see I’m not a big fan of yours. I’m not a fan of bailouts, tax cheats, slimeulus packages or the government over stepping its boundaries. So this is your final warning from the people, and one of their many leaders: Either you represent us, as it states int he constitution, or we will act on our civic duty as free people and we’ll ride to the symphony of cannons and take back our country we love. For none more the everlasting than the spirit of the American citizen, and none burn stronger nor brighter than the individual core that binds us, that compels us to do great things and to prosper far beyond what you and your bureaucrats could ever bribe us with.

Yours truly,

We the people….