Open Thread Tuesdays: Principles, Tea Parties, Bush Winner, Obama Loser?

I’ve got several topics for you guys to discuss. First up is the topic of principles. What would the founding fathers say about our current course and how we steered so far away from our principles?

Do you see the irony in the fact that after six years of being raked across the coal George Bush is on the verge of winning Iraq a year after his departure from office? And Barack Obama, who criticized the war as the most vocal anti-war candidate in the campaign, often expressing the need to win in Afghanistan, is on the verge of a surrender in Afghanistan and will instead seek to engage the Taliban’s moderate members? Do you think people will look back and judge President Bush kindly on this fact? Even after the controversy and the resignations of his cabinet, will Bush’s decision to stay the course put him in a better light among historians than Barack Obama?

Lastly, many cities across America hosted 2009 versions of the Boston Tea Party. Yet the media has failed to report this. What do you think?

Why do conservatives dodge the free trade issue so much? When our deficit to China was at an all time high, why weren’t conservatives like Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh expressing outrage over the obvious unfair practices of the Chinese toward American markets? Do you think the United States needs to rethink its trade partnership with China? Do we need to shut down our markets and open more markets in India, which is a personal allie of the US? If so what will that do to China/US relationships since China depends solely on the US for its economic growth. Despite the Chinese holding our debt, they rely on our consumer spending to grow their economy. We do not rely on their market as much because we have other markets we can turn to because other countries are much more receptive to American trade than Chinese trade.