Well Then, If That's How You Feel

You know, I’ve always been on the “Let’s leave the UN” bandwagon, but this time I think we should really consider leaving the UN. Not only is there a strong Anti-American and anti-Semitic bias in the UN, but there’s also a strong support for nations that harbor terrorism such as Iran, Saudi Arabia, and the like. Hell the UN is the most ineffective and insignificant international organization in the world. Yet they continue to poke their nose in business and now the UN Secretary Ban Ki Moon is accusing the United States of being a bunch of “deadbeat donors” to the United Nations. Well now Ban Ki my friend, let me educate you on just how “deadbeat” we Americans are compared to the rest of the nations in the UN.

The United States contributes more humanitarian aid to third world nations than any other country on earth. Why don’t you ask the people of Indonesia if Americans are deadbeat donors and see what they tell you. I assume they’ll tell you how much they appreciated our help during Operation Unified Assistance. Our Air Force went in to deliver that aid and medical help, not the UN and not your country of origin Mr. Moon, South Korea. So when these power hungry foreign slime balls bash the United States out of one side of their mouths, all the while sucking us dry for cash and Military assistance, we need to rethink how we stand in the world. It’s one thing to lead, but when you’re the most powerful and most influential country in the world you have to demand other nations treat you with respect. And to Mr. Moon and others at the UN who like to hit the US upside the head with criticism and complaints, I have news for you: Where would you be if the United States decided to cease its funding of the UN? Where would you be if the US decided to pull its Naval power from your waters? Where would you be if the US decided to kick you out of its umbrella of nations we protect from bullies? I suspect you’d be crawling back begging for us to bail you out. Why? Because the United States bails everyone out and we get neither a “Thank you” or a compliment. But we don’t ask for one because we are a gracious and kind people who understand our role in the world. That’s what separates us from people like you Mr. Moon, we know what it’s all about; we get it.

But I suppose you could always look to red China or Russia for help. Or how about Iran, you support their nuclear ambitions and their radical president anyway. And if they wipe Israel off the map I’m sure the UN would just look the other way and take the funding as if nothing happened. That’s why I say we should leave the UN, kick those two faced leaders out of New York, we give the most to the United Nations as it is, why do we have to sit and continue to listen to all their snide comments about us? Let’s kick them out, sell the property and make some extra cash on the side. The fact of the matter is the United Nations is an international crime syndicate incapable of distributing humanitarian aid in a timely fashion, they’re power hungry and seek to control nations and breakdown their sovereignty with these extreme international laws, they’re anti-Semitic, anti-American, terror sympathizing, dictator propping, money hungry slugs.

Why not form a league of democracies? John McCain had that idea during the election and I think its a good one. It would be the United States, Japan, Israel, Canada, Great Britain, Austrailia, Colombia, South Korea, India, and Mexico. First of all I think if the United States decided to leave tomorrow the UN would fall apart because we’re its biggest contributors. So creating a league of democracies or a league of personal allies would really put the UN on its heels.