Wanting Obama to Fail is not Anti-American or UnPatriotic

When Rush Limbaugh said during an interview with fellow right winger Sean Hannity that he hopes president Obama fails in implementing socialism in America, the liberal news big wigs had a field day with their distortions of the popular radio host’s comments. But a larger narrative come about during this controversial interview and that’s the issue of wanting or hoping the first black president to fail during a time of economic worry and global strife. But I have an argument that will debunk the left’s anger over this non issue.

Hoping Obama fails is not anti-American or unpatriotic. In fact it’s the most patriotic thing you can do when your country is in danger of being transformed in a negative way. Look, I would gladly defend a leftist anti-war kook’s right to protest war, that too in very patriotic. But what isn’t patriotic and very much anti-American and undemocratic is the idea of shutting down opposing voices. The double standard the left puts out there is very dangerous. It’s dangerous on two fronts: Shutting down opposition voices forever because of fear, and also creating a one party nation because of the distorted half truths created from the double standard. While we cannot quell an established left wing media whose views are complient with the progressive left in the Democratic party, we can stand up for the right to dissent. Listen, I want Obama to fail because the man is a socialist. Yes, Barack Hussein Obama II is a progressive socialist who believes in Black Liberation Theology which is a form of Marxism. Those were the teachings of Trinity United Church, at which Barack Obama sat and listened to for 20 years. So to say you want him to fail isn’t a personal attack on Obama, Obama is a nice man, I like him to be honest; but I just don’t agree with his socialist agenda. But the left wants to merge personal with political. You see if they can spread this message: “Anti-Obama is Anti-American” then they can successfully shut down people like Big Rush and Dr. Levin, who routinely slam Obama on their radio show. “Thank me”

When Chris Matthews said “If you didn’t cry during a Barack Obama speech you’re not an American” he was serious. You see the left is obsessively aware of all things race related and they suffer from an obtuse case of white guilt. Everything they do is based on power and racial agenda. This has gotten so bad white leftists have turned against members of their own race as if that were some way to connect with racial oppressed people. It’s kind of like that white kid walking around talking in street slang with his pants around his butt and a backward cap on his noggin, he assumes he knows the plight of the “brotha man” because he dresses and acts like a brotha. It’s like what the comedian Sinbad said: “They want to act like us but they don’t want to be us”

Rush was an unfortunate victim of race card assassination. Mark Sanford was also a target of Congressman Jim Claybourne when Claybourne expressed anger because Sanford mentioned Zimbabwe when talking about his decision to reject the stimulus money for South Carolina. Claybourne also stated last month that any governor who rejects the money is a racist because the “slimeulus” bill was signed by an African American president. So much for racial progress….

Look if Robert Mugabee were president of the United States I would want him to fail. It has nothing to do with race, it has everything to do with agenda. The left continues to play this race card while denying the fact that they’re playing the race card. All we can do is call them on it and continue to oppose Barack Obama the president, without opposing Barack Obama the man. This is very different from the so called GOP leadership in the House and Senate going along with everything Obama does because they’re scared porn actor stiff of the media and the Democrat’s grassroot army. So yes, as a black Hispanic speaking it is not unpatriotic, racist, anti-American, anti-ethnic, xenophobic, or anti-change to wish failure uipon Barack Obama’s presidency. And no, if he fails the country won’t fail, it will be saved from socialism and multi-culturalism. If he succeeds, then the country fails my friend. When Newt Gingrinch and the Canadian Steve Guttenberg David Frum say wishing Obama to fail is wishing the country to fail you notice they only say this when they’re on NBC or MSNBC. I second Rush’s comments when he said Republicans are thinking the same thing he’s thinking, they’re just too afraid to say it aloud. The sooner the GOP grows some cannons the better.