Just Goes To Show You How Inhumane The Left Is

I’m always surprised by the level in which these 1960s retreads are going in this country. As a former secular revolutionary Marxist speaking, I’ve always known how kooky the left was, but I had no clue as to how low down and absolutely inhumane and disrespectful they were, not to politicians but to innocent people.  This time their target is eighteen year old Bristol Palin, daughter of Alaska governor and former GOP Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin. Bristol and her former fiancee Levi Johnston broke up and the far left losers from the Huffington Post, the Dailykos, and the ring leader MSNBC are having a field day with this young girl’s personal life. I mean even Greta Van Susteren told Bill O’Reilly that journalists were approaching her with glee over this Bristol Palin incident. Now, it’s one thing for the kooky 35 year old folks in the basement to go apey over this kind of stuff, but these so called “journalists” who so desperately want to be seen as distinguished and intelligent stooping to such childish and disturbing levels for a non story is what gets me. This is a non story, it has nothing to do with anything that’s going on in the world or here at home.

What does Bristol Palin becoming a single mother make her other than yet another unfortunate statistic in America. Will this open a dialogue about single motherhood? Probably not, but it will open the firing range for the leftists. They welcome any distraction they can make news because their guy isn’t doing so well. I don’t hear anyone in the media talk about how John Edwards confessed to being the father of his former campaign aid’s child. But I mean, sure the rules are different for conservatives and their family. If one of Barack Obama’s daughters were an eighteen year old with a child and she and the father called it quits, the media would either ignore the story, defend her, or open a dialogue about the large numbers of single black mothers in America. But hey, Bristol Palin is a slut who got what she deserves.

When will the media cover Barack Obama’s foreign policy challenges with North Korea threatening war, China trying to play the role, and Iran beefing up Revolutionary guards to counter a possible Israeli strike against Iranian nuclear facilities? No, no of course they won’t cover that stuff because it’s a distraction. Bristol Palin’s personal life is for more important for the country.

This is one of the reasons why I converted from committed leftist to socially conservative liberal. I found the tactics and the conduct of the far left to be disgusting and divisive. Let me tell you, they try to use the “Humanitarian” label to separate themselves from conservatives in which they try to paint as rich mean old white racists with no heart who love to starve children, but in fact the far left supports open ended abortion, infanticide, euthanasia, destroying embryos and the like. So the platform of the far left is built on lies and distortions. And when their lies are no longer plausible or simply debunked, they resort to carpet bomb tactics and smears in an effort to shout you down like brown shirts. They use political correctness and the race card to secure their own ability to knee cap opposition. We now know the enemy for what is is: A one sided, anti-American, anti-life, elite, vengeful, bitter group who believes in a collectivist government controlled Utopian society where equal results regardless of happiness reign supreme.

It takes me back to a few weeks ago. You see I’m trying to get into Beloit as a transfer student(I know for 22 I’m kind of old to be a transfer student) and I submitted my application along with the required essay. My essay was about the importance of freedom. I’m talking freedom from government, collectivist thought, ideological cages, and other entities that would suppress freedom and individualism. I quoted Ronald Reagan in the essay and ever since I submitted that essay the admissions representatives at Beloit were  acting funny toward me whenever I would call about additional information or a question about courses. It’s a liberal arts college in liberal Wisconsin, in a town that borders liberal Illinois, and I truly believe they are holding me to a double standard because of my essay and because of my new beliefs. The admissions adviser for transfer students even told me I might not get in, even though I have the required GPA and credit numbers to transfer successfully.

So these are the kinds of things we have to help each other look for. The far left runs academia, the humanitarian foundations, they control the media, and they control the internet. But we, we my friends control the intellectual argument and we connect with the average American and that will be the reason we prevail in the end. I have a feeling this forced progressivism the Obama administration is trying to pull off with have a negative effect and cause a backlash among the majority who only voted for him because he wasn’t a Republican.