They Gave Us Statues, We Give Them...DVD'S?

I don’t have a wife or girlfriend but have you ever been in a situation where your better half gives you a really great gift? For like your birthday or an anniversary, anything. Maybe you got you a new television, or a message chair for your entertainment center, whatever it may be, it was valuable and from the heart. And in return you give them..wait for it, wait for it, wait for it, you give them a box of chocolates and a bottle of bubble bath from the Dollar Store. Well that’s how it went down when British Prime Minister Gordon Brown came to Washington DC. He gave our intelligent, calm, prepared President Barack Obama a pen holder fashioned after an anti slavery ship, he also gave our smart, aware President Obama a first edition biography of Winston Churchill. Nice gifts right? Very historical, priceless gifts.  You want to know what Barack Obama gave Gordon Brown in return? To show his gratitude and appreciation for the United States and Great Britain’s long standing and storied alliance, he gave Gordon Brown 25 DVD’s from Wal Mart; or maybe it was from the “3 DVD’s for $20” table at Blockbuster Video. Wherever he purchased the DVD’s the fact that he gave them to Gordon Brown was seen as a slap in the face to the British media.

Yet our compliant media said nothing about this incident because of course they want to do everything they can to make it seem as though President Obama isn’t a complete and utter arrogant doofus. Well, despite those efforts, the British media and the people of Great Britain are upset and they feel like it was a slap in the face to our historic alliance and to the country and their Prime Minister. But that’s not the killer in this story, apparently the State Department’s response was to say that Great Britain is no more important than the other hundreds of nations we deal with so they aren’t going to apologize, even though the British media wants the President to apologize. There are also reports that British reporters refer to Michelle Obama as “Lady Macbeth”

Now, not too long ago the UK was rampant with Obama fever. I mean those darn Brits were so hyped for Obama because they hated Bush so much, they were in love with him; what happened dude? I know what happened, he spit in their faces. Our closest and most sacred ally next to Israel, Canada, and Japan, and he hocked a warm hope and change loogey in their mugs. You know, I’ve heard of dumb moments in presidential history, Clinton with the “I did not have sexual relations with that woman not one time”, Gerald Ford tripping and falling on his butt, George Bush had a slew of them(“There’s a rumor going around on the uh, Internets”) (And don’t forget Bush talking about an OBGYN) But this flies in the face of a simple misstatement or a trip and fall, this is a slap to the face of the only European country willing to fight side by side with us in two unpopular Middle Eastern wars. This is the country that despite the rest of Europe high tailing it in fear of political backlash, Great Britain stood by us through thick and thin, and this is how Obama shows his gratitude? 25 DVD’s? What next, a 12-month subscription to Playboy?

Before I was just afraid of him being president, when he became president I was afraid for the direction of the country, but now after this recent display of idiotic arrogance I’m just plain embarrassed to have him in the White House. What are the odds this 3 year US Senator from Illinois with no foreign or domestic experience who voted present more times than he actually voted yes or no would be fouling up so bad. I mean really bad. Every time this guy opens his mouth the DOW drops another 2500 points. Now word is breaking that he carries a portable teleprompter with him everywhere he goes, he said he doesn’t care about the stock market figures, he keeps appointing tax frauds to his cabinet, he lied about the slimeulus bill not having any earmarks when there are exactly 9,000 earmarks in the bill, I mean what the heck is this? This is beyond amateur hour, this is just pathetic and sad.

This reminds me of the time during the early stages of the Democratic Primary when he said he had more foreign policy experience than John McCain and Hillary Clinton combined because he took a high school trip to Pakistan. And they say Bush was dumb, hell Obama makes Bush look like Plato. Between Obama and Doogey Houser heading the Treasury Department, its hard to see where the brainpower comes from over there in Washington. From the telepromter maybe?